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Perception vs Reality

We know that perception is different from reality, but for some, perception IS reality.

How can we determine the difference when we are seeing and feeling things so strongly?

Perception is how we perceive and understand something.

Reality is the real truth, the fact and the actual existence of something.

Perception is how we see the world

Reality is how the world is

Let’s look at the difference between them both.


  • How we see something which can vary from person to person
  • It is the product and outcome of what we know, our knowledge, attitude, values and beliefs
  • It is subjective in that it can be right or wrong, positive or negative
  • It’s our choice as we see and feel it


  • It is factual, the truth, something that exists and is tangible
  • It doesn’t depend on people or is it affected by people; it is always right with no middle ground
  • It can’t be biased or unbiased, subjective or impartial
  • It can never be described as positive or negative and it’s not a choice

Each one of us has our own perception of things, and it’s this perception that becomes our reality. However, the real reality is different and it’s above and beyond any perception. In this conflict and struggle between perception vs reality, reality often has an upper hand. 

The trouble is, we hardly see the world as it really is. Generally, we see the world through a set of levels or layers and it’s these layers that make up our emotions, and these are a mixture of various things, such as, past experiences, values and beliefs.

However, having biased views like this can be harmful to us in the long run and don’t help us in any way at all.

Changing your perception isn’t an easy task. If you don’t like your life and the way you are living, you need to do something about it.

Here are some tips:

  • Decide to be in charge of your life and takes steps to do this
  • Set SMART goals for yourself and make sure they’re achievable
  • Change your inner voice from negative to positive – instead of I can’t change this to I can
  • Develop a vision board or draw how you would like to see your life, using your imagination is a great tool and helps us focus more on what we want rather than what we don’t want
  • Stop feeding the negative voice and give negative voice only a very short time; instead feed the positive voice and give this more air space
  • Consider your strengths, your achievements, your skills and attributes and imagine what you would say to your children or to a friend and tell yourself the same good tips

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