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Perseverance and Persistence!

  • How persistent are you with perseverance?
  • How purposefully do you persevere?
  • Did you know that with determined perseverance you will succeed?
  • Did you know that if you persevere you will win in the end?

Persistence is about doing something, anything, despite difficulty or complexity of the situation to achieve success or to achieve a goal.

Perseverance means continually being determined and commitment to dedicate time and focus to finish the task. It’s a great way to get things done and done right!

However, HOW can we persevere and be persistent when we aren’t fully energised or motivated, particularly now when things ‘out there’ are so unknown?

Here’s some steps you might want to consider:

  1. Be clear about what you want and why – if you are clear where you are going you won’t stray off onto another track which becomes a dead-end
  2. Have a positive mindset – this is where spending time developing personal positive affirmations which you can display around you as constant reminders can help
  3. Developing good and positive habits – if we’ve gotten into the habit of feeling negative, or being negative, then your thoughts will continue along those lines; try changing the frequency from negative to positive
  4. Developing your plan – to do this you need clear steps or tasks with clear and manageable timescales with deadlines to keep you focused
  5. Have a clear intention – if you fully commit and intend to complete or achieve your goal then you will achieve success
  6. Be in the present – if you live and think in the present rather than in the past at perceived past failures then you won’t be able to have a positive mindset
  7. Be kind to yourself – acknowledge what you’ve done well, what you’ve achieved rather than focusing on what you didn’t do

If you want to improve your perseverance and persistence try following the steps above, remembering to note what you’ve done well and how you did it, so you have a record for future reference.

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