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Planning is a like a Jigsaw!

  • Are you a big picture thinker or a details person?
  • Are you too close to the picture to be able to see it clearly?

‘Big picture thinking’ is a person who looks at problems and opportunities. A creative person, an idea generator who brainstorms as many ideas as possible.

‘A details person’ is someone who considers all the parts, seeing all aspects, able to see the detail from all angles. This person is someone who sees the finer points considering these carefully.

Whether we’re a big picture thinker or a detailed person, often what we see is like a jigsaw, a jumble of pieces with the picture facedown. Seeing all these pieces can feel overwhelming, too hard to even contemplate trying to piece them all together.

Plans and planning is like a jigsaw isn’t it?

Here are 6 steps for you to follow:

  • Gather all the pieces together, turn them face up to see the picture of each piece, look for similarities and trends
  • Find all the edge pieces including the corners, these are our boundaries, i.e. time boundaries, skill levels, knowledge or abilities
  • Imagine what the big picture looks like; if we can’t and don’t ‘have the picture on the jigsaw box lid, we can ask for help, engage a business coach to help us think about and see the ‘bigger picture’
  • Once we can see the big picture, ‘seeing’, we can start placing the jigsaw pieces together; like a jigsaw; getting started is hard, but eventually we find a rhythm, and gather momentum, and it becomes easier
  • Eventually we find the ‘key’ which unlocks the jigsaw showing us both the detailed pieces, as well as the big picture; piecing it together enables us to take a step-by-step approach to completing this task
  • During the process of putting the jigsaw together, we may want to continue engaging support, particularly at the beginning, as a support, mentor, guide; sometimes having another person to help us find the pieces is easier – isn’t it always someone else who finds the ‘piece’ you are looking for?

Go put your jigsaw together and consider asking for help doing this!

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