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It IS Possible to Change Your Core Beliefs and Behaviours

“It’s the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief. And once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen.”

Muhammad Ali

If only we realised that we are in control of how we think and feel, how we choose to behave and our emotional reactions to things that happen in our lives.

To start changing our core beliefs, we must change our behaviour, which starts with making a pact with ourselves, having a mental agreement that we will change our perspective and our viewpoint about ourselves and how we react to the challenges we have in our lives.

I’ve used fear of public speaking or fear of spiders before to illustrate examples as these are easy for most of us to relate to. Fear of public speaking or spiders is not a core belief it is our reaction to that belief, our emotional reaction to what we perceive is going to happen, i.e. we will make a fool of ourselves, or ‘it’ will hurt us in some way. We associate these fears with what we believe to be true, and yet we create these thoughts, no-one else!

It’s our fear and our mental image of how our thoughts and beliefs can hurt us emotionally or mentally that cause us the real hurt or pain. It’s hard to belief that our thoughts can create emotional pain, real pain and negative thoughts about ourselves, which in turn create negative core beliefs.

We could look at it another way and talk about truths and untruths. We can grow up believing certain things or viewpoints to be the truth, our truth, but they aren’t ours, they might be our parents or care-giver or teacher. As an adult we never question our belief, we only believe it to be true. It’s only when we strip it back we realise we’ve been carrying another person’s belief and believing this to be true.

Look for the clues around you, reach deep into your sub-conscious to find out what your true core beliefs are. When you solve the ‘crime’ and find all the clues, you will have cracked the code and be able to change your core belief and your emotional reaction and behaviour.

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