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Problems and Purpose

Do you have problems in your life or in your business right now?

Do you feel positive and purposeful about solving those problems?

Are you passionate about identifying the cause of the issue?

Problems are just snags, glitches or hitches that create difficulties and complications.

To enable us to look forwards and consider how we might solve those problems, we need to be purposeful about how we do this.

Being purposeful is having drive, determination and resolve, persistently determined to achieve a result.

If we focus on the problem rather that how we can solve it we don’t do ourselves any good, but we often let the issue roll over and over in our minds, not being able to let it go.

We know we need to look at how we can fix the problem and find a solution but often we get stuck and lack that drive and purpose to move forward.

What is the process?

The process of working through a problem to reach a solution is about clarifying all the details of what’s going on. We need to address this systematically, dealing with the facts, trying to remove emotion where possible.

The process of finding a solution to solve a problem is not only to fully understand what the problem is, but to find the root cause which created the issue in the first place.

We need to look at the cause and not the symptom. To solve the problem we need to break down the issue into specific steps or actions can help us work out possible solutions to the problem.

A problem doesn’t seem half as bad if it’s broken down into parts that are manageable giving us the ability to deal with the problem in hand.

We need to be purposeful about problem solving.

Here some suggested steps to follow:

  1. List the facts of what you understand the problem is
  2. Track back to where and when you feel the issue began
  3. Identify and clarify what the cause of the problem is
  4. List possible options to fix the problem
  5. Shortlist these into three best options and consequences of any actions
  6. Choose the best option with the best outcome
  7. Develop actions using a step by step process to complete the task in hand
  8. Review the process and adjust next problem

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