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Recognising signs of stress

Recognising signs of stress

  • We are all struggling right now and some more than others
  • We are worried about the current situation and our future
  • We may have mixed emotions with differing views, activities and situations
  • We may be struggling with work, business, home, family, friends, finances

Whatever the situation we are in or dealing with we need to recognise the emotional signs of stress and how we might be able to manage them as best we can.

What are 5 emotional signs of stress?

Psychological and emotional signs may show themselves through feeling depressed or anxious. We may feel angry, irritable or restless. Sleeping may be a problem along with a feeling of being overwhelmed, unfocussed, unmotivated with an inability to focus or concentrate on basic tasks.

Worry starts to kick in making problems seem larger than they are causing us to make erratic, rushed and perhaps bad decisions.

We may have a problem breathing and our heart races which for some can cause panic attacks.

Whatever our symptoms of emotional stress we need to look after ourselves the best way we can and having some tools in our kit bag to bring out to help us manage difficult situations is a great idea to being prepared and managing the bad times much easier.

Breathe – stop doing what you’re doing (where possible), sit down in a relaxing position and close your eyes, taking deep breaths to slow down your breathing, perhaps concentrating on an object or happy feeling in your mind. It’s amazing what deep breaths can do to our mind and body.

Pacing ourselves – try to do one job at a time and slow down doing what you’re doing, trying to avoid putting yourself under undue pressure. Lowering our own expectations of ourselves and others, trying not to sweat the small stuff. Remember some of the things we are worrying about today we may have forgotten in a day or weeks’ time.

Reducing our responsibilities – if we are able to try and delegate tasks or drop some jobs you really don’t need to do. Giving ourselves less on our plate can make our days more manageable and feel less stressed. Try and share jobs or tasks with a buddy to share the load and chat about any problems together rather than deal with a worry or responsibility on your own.

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