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Recognition – Goals – Best Practice = Success

Here we are back at Levels Two and Three in New Zealand. Somewhere we hoped we’d never be again, but we are. For some, this is a real blow, unexpected, perhaps unprepared. For others, it’s a time to put into place what we spent time preparing for during lockdown in terms of business continuity and business disruption.

Either ways, it’s tough isn’t it, and during tough times the tough need to get going as the song goes. We need to consider some steps and strategies to help us, our businesses and our teams through yet another transition period.

Below are some strategies which you might consider using personally, or in your business, or for you, your business and your team, to help motivate, inspire and achieve great results.

Recognition: Designed to inspire, unify and value our teams to retain top performance to gain the best results. Recognising our team members for small successes, actions or wins as soon as you can; this energises people and makes them feel truly valued.

Goals and Best Practice: You may or may not be a goals person, but whether you are or aren’t if you write down a goal or set a goal it needs to be SMART (specific, measurable achievable, realistic, time-bound). It needs to have an emotional benefit otherwise why and how are you going to achieve it. Lastly there needs to be a plan to get there. Actions, tasks, steps or process – a mechanism to show specifics which can identify if you are on track or not. Best Practice is the culture your business has where it achieves what it sets out to do and this spills from business to team members.

Success: We need to recognise and celebrate every success and focus on these rather than the ‘not achieved’ or ‘could have done better’ or ‘should haves’. We need to inject a positive culture by identifying reasons to consistently celebrate all successes. This is a great individual and team motivator which inspires everyone to achieve their goals.

The FIVE Reasons Why Challenge:

I challenge you to find FIVE reasons why and how you could recognise your top performers and celebrate those small wins that can highlight achievements. Set in place a process to ensure this happens, stand back and watch the results. AND, if you are a single-person enterprise, sole trader or want to work on yourself personally you can still apply the same process to you; it just needs you to start the process.

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