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Reflecting on 2020 and Leaping into 2021

  • Looking back on 2020 what might you have said was one of the good things to come out of the year?
  • What might have been one of the toughest challenges you had this year?

We even refer to ‘before’ or ‘after’ lockdown or COVID-19 like we would usually refer to this year or last year!

Upon hearing what clients, friends, colleagues and family have said, despite the awfulness of the global crises with the pandemic and the changing climate, I have yet to hear anyone who didn’t benefit from lockdown in more ways than they might have originally anticipated.

We had things thrust upon us believing we couldn’t cope when for the most part we rose to each challenge, stress, problem that was put in front of us, managing to gain something positive from which initially was the biggest disaster of our lifetime.

Now of course as we are nearing the magical midnight of the last day of the year, with some so glad to ‘see the back of the worst year ever’ believing that next year things will be different, when in some ways it will and some it won’t.

Sadly, there isn’t a magic wand which will make everything go away, but what it does do is help us to feel fresh and new and energised ready to get back up, get back out there and face what the new year to come will bring us, knowing we have managed before and will do again.

What can we take from our year if we were to take some snapshots from our ‘camera’ of those profound special moments forever captured in our minds?

What images would you like to treasure forever that were special and something perhaps you never imagined would happen?

Family time was one of the things that seemed to come from most people in that they had the time to talk or spend with those they hadn’t previously had time to.

What can the learnings be for us going forward into a new year, into the New Year?

  1. We don’t need a pandemic or lockdown to ‘force’ us into spending time with family or friends, to smell the roses
  2. We do need to bring about the balance we want to develop our own work / life balance doing what we want, knowing we can if we really put our mind to it
  3. We can face unexpected and unplanned things head-on when they are hurled upon us, as we know we managed before and will do so again
  4. Contingency planning, which only seemed like a paper exercise now is something real and more likely to be used than we’d ever expected, making us more prepared for what the future may bring us

When you hear the bells at midnight tomorrow night, consider what ‘wish’ you are going to make and rather than make a New Year’s resolution remember to make your ‘New Year wish’ come true, it’s up to you!

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