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What do you see when you look out the window?

  • What do you see when you look out the window?
  • Do you see the past or the future?
  • Do you dwell on mistakes made in the past or opportunities for the future?
  • Do you reflect positively on what you’ve done and optimistically about the future?
  • Do you see challenges or obstacles?

You’ve no doubt heard the saying?

  • Learn from the past
  • Live in the moment
  • Plan for the future

How many of us spend our time dwelling on the past, the things that went wrong, the bad times, the mistakes we made and the opportunities we didn’t take advantage of?

We all make mistakes and the fact is that sometimes the mistakes we make create obstacles in our minds and cause us to lose confidence in ourselves.

Instead shouldn’t we learn from the past and see that the mistakes we make have taught us great lessons in life to take forward?

If it’s so easy to look out the window and dwell on the negative things, why isn’t it easy to dwell on the positive things instead? Why is it so hard?

When we’re asked how things have been for us lately, we often start with the not so great rather that the success, the win, the best bit of the week!

Try these 5 tips for making those obstacles a mere reflection:

  1. Everyone makes mistakes and this is just another lesson we’ve learned to do things differently in our future
  2. We can always draw something positive from a bad situation, start a new habit of starting with a positive rather than a negative, sharing the wonderful opportunity from learning, that making mistakes gives us
  3. Once we’ve thought about what’s happened and drawn the positive learnings from it, put it ‘away’ and not in ‘your window’, see it as a ‘gift’ rather than a ‘noose’
  4. When you look out the window remember that every day is a new day with new beginnings and new opportunities
  5. We have choices, to live in yesterday or tomorrow, we need to pick one and stick with it

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