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Seeing our Vision

If I asked you when was the best time to create a life plan, what would you say? 20s, 30s or older?

When you were younger did you make a life plan? Did you map out your career or your life even just an outline? Or did things just happen? Doors opened and you went through them to where you are now.

Did you end up where you wanted to be if you did plan?

I often hear clients saying that they are no good at planning. They can’t create a plan, see a plan and find it hard to plan.

One of the best ways of developing a business or personal plan is to create a vision board. Whether we are a creative person or not, seeing something visually is powerful and deep.

There are stories of people who have developed a vision board and packed it away only to find it years later to find they are where they had visualised!

How does this happen?

When we plant something in our minds and can see it. It doesn’t matter how aspirational it is – it just means we are imagining ourselves where we would love to be. This picture sits in our sub-conscious, at the back of our minds working away without us realising it, which helps lead us along the path to our destination.

If we don’t develop our plan of where we want to be in the future, how can we determine which path we should take. It’s like driving aimlessly around with no destination in mind.

Whichever age you are, it’s never too late to develop a plan, create your vision, see your vision or create a vision board. What does it look like; what does it feel like.

Thinking outside the square or box; being creative, aspirational, bold, OTT (over the top). It doesn’t matter. Just put something out there.

Developing a vision board is empowering, inspirational and exciting. You can make if fun! Once completed, having it somewhere it can be seen regularly to keep it front of mind helps keep the focus on the path you want to be on.

Consider if your vision board is a personal one or business one or both. It can include family too. It’s your vision board and you can put anything in it you want.

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