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Self-Improvements Lead to New Possibilities

I wrote a blog a few weeks ago about being accountable, however this week I wanted to focus more on how we can be more adaptable and improvise more than we do in our everyday lives and see how we can incorporate positive changes.

Being Ready: If we are open to change, happy to make improvements in ourselves and what we do then we are more open to learning and becoming a better person

Being Mindful: Trying to press the ‘pause’ for a moment and being more self-aware. Awareness of our thoughts, feelings and our surrounding environment

Being Supportive: Being busy can often cause us to be more self-focused rather than others-focused. Being supportive of how we can help others helps us too

Being Empathetic: The ability of being able to understand another person’s thoughts and feelings of a given situation is a great skill to have, as we see things from their point of view rather than our own

How can the above help us be more accountable, help ourselves and others?

Perhaps you could note down some actions you might do for each of these four headings above to see how you can make positive changes personally or professionally.

Being ready to make changes, mindful of others, supportive of others and empathetic to their needs is a great way we can be better leaders, managers, parents, role models and human beings.

Life is hectic and we can often we self-absorbed. We often focus inwards preventing us from looking at things from another’s perspective, causing us only to see our view rather than that of another.

I use the metaphor of shining a torch away from ourselves onto another person. It’s about them not us. If we metaphorically consider where the light is shining first, then we can start the process of the four steps above.

By opening your mind to new possibilities, you can create a new and improved mindset.

Have a go and see where you get to. It will make a difference.

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