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Small changes can make a big difference

We all want to make changes but sometimes can’t get started or don’t have the energy or motivation, so do nothing.

Small changes CAN make a big difference?
Isn’t it time for a change?

Did you know that?

  • Making small changes can make a huge difference
  • Incorporating a tiny margin for improvement in everything we do will be noticeable
  • Breaking tasks or activities down to make these small changes will help us improve one percent
  • Making small adjustments mean our improvements accumulate
  • We often underestimate the importance and the value of making small improvements on a daily basis

Sometimes we try too hard to make massive improvements over a short space of time and that by doing this it will create success, or we will be successful, however, it’s the opposite that works.

You might think that 1% is so small and such a tiny improvement and so insignificant why bother, but in actual fact, over a period of time this is accumulative, and you will start to notice a difference.

The other reason why this principle works is that by deciding to make a massive difference and significant changes immediately, we either don’t get started or stop trying because it’s too hard, so the changes are short-lived and felt to be a failure.

Atomic Habits, by James Clear shows this in much more detail in that the effects of positive small habit changes will multiply seeing great results. Apart from the fact that, by doing nothing, eventually we will go downhill, decline, become worse and then feel a failure because we did nothing.

We all know that just ‘getting started’ is probably the hardest thing ever. So by starting really small and making a small activity or task daily, is much easier. Even B J Fogg in his book Tiny Habits talks about starting small, e.g. one push up – how hard is that, and while your down on the floor you feel you might as well do more.

Finding ways to get started, keep self-motivated and inspired is hard. So either find yourself an accountability buddy or read one of the two books mentioned above. These and others are a great way to incorporate self-help and self-motivation.

One small task, activity or change in our day is SO easy and simple to incorporate into your day and will make you feel so much better which in itself will make you feel much more productive and give you that feeling of achievement.

So, what one activity or task will you incorporate daily into your day?

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