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Sometimes we just need to be shown how!

Sometimes we just need to be shown how!

Reece Witherspoon once said, “With the right kind of coaching and determination you can accomplish anything.

Often, we are so determined or stubborn that we want to work things out for ourselves no matter what. To ask for help may not be in our psyche, nor receiving offers of help, support or guidance. Pride sometimes becomes our block preventing us from seeking that help.

There are various reasons why we might not think about asking for coaching or help, and often this is dependent upon how determined we are.

This reminded me of something that happened to me years ago and I often tell the story over and over to many people as an analogy of how coaching can really help us all and save us time in the long run.

I used to play pool many years ago and used to practice anytime I could, particularly around potting the balls. Regularly I would set the balls up, line the white ball and coloured ball and try and put the ball in the pocket.

To say I did this dozens of times was an understatement – and despite trying trying and I still couldn’t pot the ball.

A friend of mine had been watching me trying in vain. He was an avid pool player and he said he couldn’t stand to watch me any longer and so ‘showed’ me what to do and coached me in how I should position the cue and where I should hit the white ball and the coloured ball.

After his coaching I tried it and hey presto, the ball went in the pocket! Success!

I often reflect on this experience, and what I learned about the situation.

I could have asked for help sooner or had someone show me earlier.

I realised that no matter how determined I was to do this myself I would have continued to ‘hit the ball’ wrong and not achieve a result!

Sometimes we just need to be shown how!

AND sometimes no matter how determined we are we should always consider receiving coaching from those who do know how, if we want to achieve great results and success!

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