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When it all starts going wrong…

Empower Yourself

With the best will in the world sometimes it just happens!

Our confidence disappears – the tears start – that wonderful positive vibe that gave us that proverbial ‘spring in our step’ just lost its spring!

So, what happened? And why has this happened again? And to me? It’s not fair…

Does this ‘ring any bells’ for you? Have you been there? I certainly have..

Our good intentions and self-belief just flew out of the window for fear of never being seen again!

But how do we get it back? And what is IT? When all seems lost and it seems there is nothing but one problem after the other, especially when the physical symptoms start invading our bodies.

We put on our ‘game face’ to enable us to do our jobs. However, we may try this for a while before things start spiralling out of control. The good days are non-existent, the fairly-good days are rarely seen, everything goes wrong and everyday seems like a ‘bad’ day!

Why is it that we are so good at listening to others, helping others, doing things for others and supporting loved ones and yet we don’t do the same for ourselves? Why don’t we respect ourselves the way we respect others?

When it all starts going wrong and our confidence and strength is disappearing fast, there is ONLY one thing to do! Ask for help and support! Struggling on your own isn’t going to ‘cut the mustard!

But what stops us seeking help? Embarrassment! Feeling stupid or helpless! Exposing our weaknesses? Well it may be some or all of those, but how would we feel if a friend, colleague or loved one was suffering and we found out after the event they hadn’t told anyone or sought professional support, guidance or mentoring! We know what we would say to them, don’t we?

If you are struggling or someone you know is, then consider asking for professional help or asking them to speak to someone they know or trust. Business and Personal Life Coaching can and does help, it’s been proven.

What are you waiting for?

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