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COVID-19 has caused us to rethink everything. Our plans, our goals, mission, vision and purpose. It’s as if they were all a pack of playing cards which have been thrown up in the air lying randomly on the floor, scattered.

This can cause us to feel overwhelmed, anxious and concerned about where to start and how to wade through a sea of uncertainty with what type of future lays ahead.

However, we must start somewhere and now is the time to start!

Step 1: We need to think about what our first goal is for right now. By right now I mean for the next one or two weeks. Focus on how you might action that goal, what you need to do and who might be able to help you. Don’t be afraid to reach out for help, support or advice, whether this is a friend, family, colleague or business coach.

Step 2: Go back to the beginning. Think about what it was like when you had a dream about starting your own business or starting that fantastic new job. Focus on that dream, that vision. You started with a blank sheet of paper then, and you can now. It might be you just need to make some slight changes; it could be a complete re-write. Either way, re-setting and re-focusing on the new you, the new business, service or way you work is what you need to concentrate on right now.

Step 3: Consider all the positives and benefits that have come out of this lockdown. It may not feel like there are many now, but sitting quietly in a comfortable chair and considering these and what you are grateful for and benefits you might have gained during these four weeks is a great way to help you change your mindset, feel more positive and motivated.

Step 4: What else do you need to do? Start putting a ‘to do’ list together of things you need to do to action your goals, activities and tasks. Place these into your calendar so your have structured days to work through at a manageable pace. Remember also to build in time for resting, relaxing and taking much needed exercise or walks.

Help and support is out there – please contact me for a complimentary session or ask about COVID-19 business support funding – I am here to help.

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