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Supportive Daily Success Habits

What changes do you make to your daily habits?

Did you know that small changes make a big difference?

We tend to overlook the importance of how managing daily habits for the better positively affect our wellbeing and our lives.

However we need to start making these changes in the first place.

And it’s often the small changes to our daily routine that make all the difference, and which can make big changes in our lives, careers, jobs and personal life.

Brian Tracey “Successful people are simply those with successful habits

But what are successful habits?

We know that gaining bad habits is easy

We know that losing bad habits is hard

We know that gaining good habits is hard

We know that losing good habits is easy

Strange that isn’t it?

However, if we at least try then we can say we tried rather than just saying we’ve always been like that, or everyone in my family does this, or I can never change because I’m too old or set in my ways.

We are never to old to change habits and we are certainly never to old to gain successful habits.

Let’s look at what steps we might try to support the inclusion of some daily success habits.

  1. List your top 3-5 priorities or top 3-5 stressors currently in your life right now. Identifying and listing these will help you focus on what is the most important and what bothering you the most right now
  2. Consider 3-5 habits you might introduce into your life that would support you feeling happier, less stressed, more relaxed, more satisfied or content with your life, work, career or personal life. These might include habits at home, personal life, work, career or health. Often things will jump right out at you so grab these and write them down
  3. Write down what actions you could take to support these new habits. These actions might be something you want to start doing, stop doing, do more of or less of. Consider things that are small and easy to begin with, don’t make it too hard. If you can try and make these actions SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timebound)
  4. Now’s the hard part, and that’s putting some timelines in place, a stake in the ground, committing to making positive changes to create supportive daily habits. Also consider the benefits you will feel emotionally when you introduce these timelines, how you will feel physically and mentally also
  5. Lastly, choose ONE to start with, commit to this one to get you going. Making a difference by introducing this small ONE change into your life to become a daily success habit will help motivate you to continue with the others

When are you going to start?

Today sounds like a plan don’t you think?

Reference Emma-Louise Elsey

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