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Take the Leader Test and see how you score!

We hear about leadership a great deal, don’t we? But how do we know if we have the characteristics of a good leader, and are these skills inherent within us or something that can be learned?

We think of a leader as being a front-runner, a trailblazer, or a ground-breaker, so let’s look at some typical values a leader might have and score yourself at the end!

  • Precision and simplicity – we are meticulous, clear about the direction we are taking and the expected outcome, keeping it simple, being careful not to over-complicate things
  • Capability and aptitude – we show others we can not only do the work but be a great role model to our teams and peers, providing the capacity to empower others to be successful
  • Promises and obligations – we mean what we say and say what we mean, being careful to deliver on our promises to others, we are serious about our responsibilities to our team
  • Limitations and restrictions – we are mindful of our abilities and how far we can push ourselves and others, working well within any restrictions imposed upon us
  • Inspiration and imagination – we are constantly using our imagination, looking for different ways of doing things, always seeking solutions to problems, encouraging others to do the same
  • Constant and continuous – we leave ‘stuff away from work’ and ensure we always keep a level-head, our team know where they are with us, bringing a calmness in all circumstances and situations
  • Reliable and dependable – we are steadfast and unswerving able to show others we always follow-through and follow-up, people know where they are with us, with no hidden agendas or surprises
  • Focused and high standards – we are totally on-point with the aim to get the job done, having a desire for excellence, working on the principle of ‘if a job’s work doing it’s worth doing well’

How did you score?

Did you read the above and feel we weren’t talking about leaders, but ‘Wonder Woman’ or ‘Superman’?

If so, perhaps we can look at ourselves as being a ‘work in progress’ striving to step-up and create an environment our team are proud to be a part of, encouraging staff to be successful.

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