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The End of Another Year

As we near the end of another year, it’s a time of reflection which can mean celebration and achievement, or regret and remorse.

To enable us to review, reflect 2022 and what’s it’s meant to us we should structure how we look at our achievements and challenges in a way that can help us move into 2023 in a positive way.

What did you learn about your business, or you as a business owner?

What did you learn about yourself in work or as a parent, manager or leader?

What positive relationships did you make; and did you make the best of these?

What negative relationships did you make that you can perhaps avoid making again?

What was your best idea, creation or achievement that made the biggest impact or difference this year?

Review and Celebrate – Answering the questions above by writing them down so you can see the positives and the negatives more clearly and be able to put them into context, balancing them out to avoid this feeling like a ‘beating me up’ exercise.

Consider in what ways you might have procrastinated and why.

We always look on the word procrastination as being a negative word, a weakness perhaps. However, there are a couple of things we can do with procrastination that can help us begin our new year on the right foot.

Consider not only what we procrastinated in but why? What is or was underneath or behind the procrastination. In other words, was it unavoidable or excusable or was it avoidance?

We do need to determine which one it was and why to help us justify the procrastination or look at how we can avoid procrastinating in important things more often.

We should also look at whether we did things in a timely fashion this year, or if we rushed things. Were we the tortoise or the hare? Did we miss details, make mistakes because we rushed, didn’t prioritise or left things too late, and why did we do this?

Remember, rushing around and trying to do things that are too much out of our comfort zone can increase stress levels and make pleasurable tasks seem like horrible chores.

We must believe in ourselves and remember that we are human, we made mistakes and we are always going to do this, however, the important thing is we must learn from our mistakes and see how we can avoid them going forward.

It’s about not only believing in ourselves but never giving up, no matter how hard it feels. There are always going to be tough times, but we need to recognise these and do something about it. The same way we should acknowledge and recognise our achievements, no matter how small or insignificant they feel. We can always find another way, be creative and just keep looking.

This week’s blog is packed with ideas to consider as we reflect on 2022, review on the year, good, bad and indifferent and see what learnings we have that we can add to our toolbox for 2023.

Start the year off on the right foot, on a positive note, with a skip in your step. Treat the new year as new beginnings and plan for another great but challenging year of achievements, learnings and celebrations.

‘See’ you next year!

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