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The Five Fs

We hear so much about mindset and reframing things to help us see things differently, but it’s still hard to put into practice. We know what we could and should be doing or attempt to do, but the ‘actual’ doing can still be hard, particularly when we’ve done the same thing for a very long time. Old habits die hard as they say!

Below are the Five Fs to help you consider those steps you may wish to take to help you rethink what you do, how you do it to achieve the different outcome you desire.

  1. Fear – We are likely to be our worst obstacle that holds us back from taking those brave new steps or breaking out of our old habits. Changing our fear into excitement, seeing it as a challenge and not an obstacle is difficult but something which is doable and achievable.
  • Failure – Our fear is stemmed from the assumption we have that we are going to fail, make a fool out of ourselves, and this fear of failure creates that huge brick wall that prevents us from moving outside our comfort zone, and seeing things differently.
  • Facts – To start the ball rolling, let’s look at breaking our thoughts, fears and assumptions into hard facts, throwing out the guesses and the images of failure. List these down, ensure they are facts and not are minds playing tricks on us. This helps us put the situation into context thus removing or reducing the obstacle or the fear our minds have created.
  • Feelings – Now let’s look at how we feel about the situation; how we feel about the proposed activity or task and unpick this. Instead of ignoring or trying to minimise how we feel, we could acknowledge our feelings, our emotions, even if they are fears, as this is how we feel right now about things.
  • Future – The last step in the Five Fs is how we go about moving forward. We need to focus on what actions we are going to take to achieve what we want. Concentrating on the result, the goal, the outcome is a good way of keeping the other stuff out, clearing the path so we can see really clearly what we want and how we are going to get it.

Try the Five Fs and see how you get on using these to break habits, reframe current situations or when you’re planning for the next event or activity.

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