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The Only Way Is Up!

I don’t know if you remember the song ‘The Only Way is Up’ by Yazz from 1988, but those words have resonated with me and some of my family for various reasons. The words are quite poignant “We’ve been broken down to the lowest turn, being on the bottom line, sure ain’t fun”; other lyrics talk about holding on!

It’s not that easy sometimes to hold on and sometimes we feel we just want to run away and move somewhere else, just doing something else or being somewhere else will somehow make it better – but does it?

We need to focus on moving onwards and upwards and take active steps in replacing unhealthy coping strategies with healthy ones.

Easier said than done – perhaps, but avoidance and procrastination doesn’t make things go away, it makes things fester and grow bigger! It allows the stress to build up, which is what we don’t want. All we do want is for ‘it’ to go away.

Think about all the unhealthy things in your life right now and consider replacing them with healthy things.

Here are some ideas of unhealthy activities which can cause stress and some suggestions of healthy activities to replace them with:

  1. Drinking too much – consider cutting down to begin with, no alcohol during the week, or less units. If you’re feeling brave then try cutting out the alcohol altogether – you will notice the difference immediately
  2. Eating more sensibly – consider preparing a meal plan for the week, even if it’s just weekdays to begin with so weekends can be a treat. Having a plan of meals for each weekday helps with the shopping and can even cut costs down as we are only buying what’s on our list. Eating more healthily will aid sleep and digestion and give us more energy
  3. Lack of sleep / going to bed late – consider your pattern of unwinding before going to bed; think about how many hours you are currently having and ask yourself if this is enough. Choosing activities to build into our daily routine and having a regular bedtime will help aid a much more relaxing and unbroken sleep

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