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The Reality is you Need to Take a Reality Check!

The reality is that we often can’t do everything we want to do and can’t be everything we want to be.

We talk of having to take a ‘reality check’ but what does this mean?

It usually refers to us saying we need or want to reconsider what we are doing or about to do, consider if what we are embarking on is possible.

It’s about resetting ourselves isn’t it? Pushing our pause button or our stop button if only we could find it!

How can we take a reality check and what steps might we take to ‘reset’ ourselves?

Here’s some suggested tips on bringing ourselves back down to earth and bring SMART back into our lives.

Problem Solving – We can often dwell on the problem rather than focusing on a solution or another option. By taking stock of where we are and writing down our problem or issue, we can see things more clearly. It becomes more real when we see things written down. Once written we can consider what steps to take to solve our problem and find the best solution. Imagine how good that would feel.

Performance – We can often feel we aren’t performing as well as we might and never take the ‘time out’ to consider how we might change what we’re doing. We know that by doing the same things in the same way will always produce the same outcome. By considering how our performance is working well and identifying what areas we could improve on, we can make some positive changes to enable us to be more productive. Imagine how good that will feel.

Goals – We may have goals in our head or written down, we may rarely look at them and even forget them, but how often do we visit them regularly? We need to look at how we can achieve our goals more easily. This is easier said than done. We have the intention and the desire, but when it comes down to doing the work that’s often a different story. We need to ensure we have a motivating element embedded in our goals with an emotional benefit and imagine we have achieved them. Imagine how good that will feel.

Addressing our problems realistically will help our performance improve and enable us to achieve our goals.

Why don’t you take a reality check?

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