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The Three Types of People in your Life

I saw a great article recently which talked about the three types of people that come into our lives. It said that people can be broadly categorised into three types: Leaf People, Branch People, and Root People. Each type has its own unique characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses that determine how they approach their goals and achieve success.

LEAF PEOPLE are people who come into our lives just for a season. It’s unlikely we can depend on them because they are weak and we need to be careful of these people because they love us when things are fine, and only come to take what they want, and if and when the wind comes, they will leave.

BRANCH PEOPLE are strong, and we need to be careful with them too as they go away when life becomes tough, and they are unable to handle too much. They may stay with us in some seasons, but they will go when it becomes harder.

ROOT PEOPLE are people who are very important because they don’t do things to be seen. They are supportive even if we go through a difficult time, they will water us, and they are not moved by our position they just love us like that. Only the root type of people will stay no matter the season.

Leaf People

Leaf people are those who are flexible, adaptable, and able to quickly respond to changing circumstances. They are highly creative and imaginative, often coming up with innovative ideas and solutions. They thrive in dynamic environments where they can explore new possibilities and experiment with different approaches.

Leaf people excel in generating new ideas, brainstorming sessions, and creative problem-solving. However, they may struggle with executing their ideas and staying focused on long-term goals. They also tend to be more impulsive and reactive, which can lead to inconsistency in their work.

Branch People

Branch people are those who are organised, structured, and focused on achieving specific goals. They are methodical and diligent, working tirelessly to achieve their objectives. They excel in creating plans, setting priorities, and executing tasks in a systematic manner.

Branch people are excellent at project management, tracking progress, and achieving measurable results. However, they may struggle with adapting to changing circumstances and exploring new possibilities. They also tend to be more rigid and inflexible, which can limit their creativity and innovation.

Root People

Root people are those who are grounded, steady, and focused on building strong foundations. They are patient and persistent, working steadily towards their long-term goals. They excel in developing deep expertise, building strong relationships, and cultivating a strong sense of purpose.

Root people are excellent at building sustainable strategies, cultivating relationships, and developing long-term plans. However, they may struggle with adapting to changing circumstances and exploring new possibilities. They also tend to be more risk-averse and cautious, which can limit their willingness to take bold action.

Overall, we all require a combination of leaf, branch, and root people. By recognising and leveraging the strengths of each type, teams can achieve greater success and drive impactful change.

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