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There’s no point climbing to the top of the ladder if you don’t like heights!

  • We all have our goals, aims, desires and ambitions, don’t we?
  • We all strive to reach them the best way we can, don’t we?
  • But do we really know if they are the right ones for us?
  • Are we chasing a rainbow never reaching the pot of gold?

Read on to see if you’re on the right track or not!

There was an example I read recently in a coaching book which talked about a man whose main and only ambition and goal was to earn enough to have $1 million in his bank account. For many years he worked like a trojan, head down and tail up to achieve his goal, his main desire in life!

Sadly, when he achieved his goal, he thought he would feel great and certainly feel that sense of achievement seeing the $1m bank balance, but he didn’t!

This was a huge disappointment for him! What had he been striving for all these years? It had all been in vain!

He ended up being pointed in the direction of a business coach who worked with him to find his ‘why’ and ‘what’ for him to work out his ‘how’. This materialised in him realising his REAL goal was to help people, and later became a business coach, and to boot one of the most successful business coaches in the USA!

The reason for me sharing this story, is to invite you to really think about the goals you have set yourself. Are these the right goals for you? Is this what you really want? Have you thought about imagining yourself having achieved this goal, so you can really feel what it’s like as if it’s already happened! This is such a good ‘test’.

What’s the point of climbing the ladder of ambition and success if you don’t like heights!

We need to ‘check’ we are heading in the right direction and if necessary seek out a great business coach or mentor to enable us to clarify our direction, purpose and help us to focus on the right goal.

What have you got to lose?

Don’t waste your valuable time chasing the wrong rainbows. Find the right ladder for you and climb it and enjoy the view!

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