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Things to do BEFORE setting our goals

We are either a goal-setting person or we aren’t.

We might write them down and forget them or not even write them down.

We may be in the minority and fastidiously follow our goals and actions to the letter.

To give ourselves a better chance of achieving our goals there are things we can do.

Before you set goals this year, consider the following:

Begin with revising your current goals – Rather than starting afresh, it’s better to keep our previous or current goals to identify why you didn’t achieve, were they clear enough, were they measurable and achievable; revising or refreshing them is often a good place to start.

Link your goals to a greater goal or purpose – If we focus on what the big picture is, what our main aim, vision or goal is before writing or revising our goals we can at least picture what it is we really want to achieve for ourselves. When we are clear we are more likely to achieve.

Have an emotional benefit – Try and choose a goal because you want to achieve and not because you ‘should’ achieve. It’s more likely you will remain committed if you want to achieve your goal than if you’re doing it because you have to. This is the reason why so many people don’t stay committed to and achieve their goals.

Use SMART or vision board – You may be a structured person and therefore able to follow the SMART process (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, time-bound), or more of a creative person whereby creating a vision board or something similar so you are able to ‘see’ what your goal looks like as well as ‘seeing’ what the end result looks like and ‘feels’ like.

Write your goals down and keep them visible – Writing something down helps us remember and keeps things front of mind; keeping them visible means we are constantly seeing them and having that reminder to keep them top of mind; doing both will give you a better chance of achieving your goals.

Spread the word and share your goals – If we tell others what we are doing; put it out there what we are doing and why, then we can help ourselves be more accountable. If our goals are kept to ourselves then we can only hold ourselves accountable, which is harder. Sharing your goals also means others may be able to offer their support.

Developing methods and systems to support you in goal-setting – developing processes, practices, tools and strategies to help us help ourselves. Develop a structure and create a routine to help you develop those positive and helpful ‘good’ habits you will need to help you achieve your goals.

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