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This is the way to do it!

  • What are the main things that stop us from focusing on our goals?
  • What are the main distractions which prevent us from completing our daily activities?
  • How many minutes do we spend on time-wasting activities?
  • How well do we manage our time?

We all know that if we want to get anywhere in this life we need to be organised, super-efficient, motivated and focused, don’t we?

How can we stop the madness of our crazy lives and push the pause button, so we can just get things done, so things can just go the way we want them to.

Here are four results which are tried and tested and may help you become more focused and achieve more in your working day.

M-MANAGE – sometimes we just need to better manage what we are doing and try to deal with short-term crises and problems that can arise by thinking ahead to predict as much as we can; working on our business, planning, and being more aware of what things will enable us to achieve the most.

F-FOCUS – this is definitely ‘on the business’ material, this is where we should be focused on those long-term strategic goals, really thinking about where we are going, what we want and how we are going to get there. If we can remain as focused as we can, our businesses would grow, and our efficiency would increase tenfold.

A-AVOID – if we could only just stay away from those dreaded things that distract us the most, those interruptions that kill our concentration and take us in another direction, these are the car crashes which mangle our day. Being aware of those worst distractions and avoiding them even if it’s one at a time, or making a point of removing the ‘thing’ that distracts us the most is a great start.

L-LIMIT – if we aren’t focused and we don’t manage our time well, then we limit ourselves in what we can do, and often feel we have wasted our day, and in a way, by spending time on time-wasting activities we are. These are things that seem to attract our time and suck those hours away. We all know what they are, and by writing them down and the time we may have taken on them we can see how much we have limited the time in each day to do what we needed to do the most.

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