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Time for Change

What is change all about and why do we fear it the way we do?

We have two choices to embrace it or resist it!

What makes us choose which option and why?

Change is a huge part of our lives. They say the most consistent in our lives is change, and yet for most of us we fear it or avoid it like the plague!

Change is the constant, although totally unpredictable and can affect us in many ways.

I see there are two key categories of change, one where the change is imposed upon us, for example, your job has changed, you are made redundant or you are no longer able to work. The other is that upon which we impose upon ourselves, for example, where we want to personally or professionally improve. We know we must change to keep up with others or stay in business, but sometimes we really don’t want to, or even feel like making the change. In this case we need to find ways to help ourselves.

Developing tools or strategies to feel open to change and making changes is a commitment and needs to be planned for in a way that sees this journey being a positive and constructive path.

If we try and look for the positives, put the change into context, and see what the learnings are that we may have gained so we can reflect on how we reacted, behaved, felt and dealt with the process.

When we hear other people tell us how they managed huge changes in their lives, they always tend to talk about how they’ve grown personally because of it. They have a better understanding and awareness of themselves and their behaviour in stressful situations.

If you want to consider making changes, or perhaps you know there are changes coming your way, perhaps you can consider thinking about those ways in which you can obtain support and guidance. This may be from friends or colleagues, books, videos, a coach or a member of your family.

Sharing what you’re going through to, to help you put the situation into context is a good way to start.

Change can make us grow and learn if we think about it being a positive thing.

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