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Tips for Setting Smart and Surprising Goals

It may not surprise your that your goals are there to inspire you and not to make your feel like they are a chore.

If our goals are there to inspire us then why do so many people set goals and not achieve them, or for some don’t even write down goals or set them as they know (or believe) they won’t achieve them so what’s the point!

Goals are about creating action; positive action that will help us with our personal and professional development, take us outside our comfort zone, stretching us to achieve more to become a better person or better at what we do.

Achieving goals or trying to achieve goals are fraught with so many obstacles and barriers that can feel so overwhelming, we either don’t know where to start or even how to start. We want to but just can’t get ourselves into ‘gear’ to start or action the goal.

This is why we talk about goals being SMART, specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely. But even then, the goals we set are often not achieved.

We feel overwhelmed or things we’ve started don’t go to plan, causing us to procrastinate and even worse ‘beat ourselves up’!

We should feel excited about our goals and inspired to do better and to stretch ourselves as well as feeling better about doing so and enjoying the process. But it all just feels so very hard.

Here are some tips to help you set, start and achieve your goals:

  1. Consider or re-consider the size of your goal; it may be SMART, but perhaps it’s just still too big. Making this much smaller and therefore more doable and less overwhelming is a great place to start, e.g. your goal could be three small goals
  2. Is the goal really what you want, and have you considered if this is the track you want to take; is it for you or someone else; do you feel you ‘have’ to do the goal. As goals are emotionally driven in that we need an incentive and reward, we do need to give ourselves an emotional benefit
  3. Developing inspiring and exciting goals to start with so you create a new and good habit about progressing well and moving forwards at a steady pace. Once you’ve started to create a positive habit of setting, following and achieving goals this alone will inspire and motivate you to believe you can do more
  4. Create a vision board that sits above all your goals is another way to be able to visually see the bigger picture, reminding us of what we are doing, why we are doing it, how we will feel when we achieve and what it will look like. This is a great motivator and instils the inspiration and motivation to help us with our goal setting and achieving our goals

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