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What’s Your Hard?

I recently came across a poem from Mind Journal which inspired me to write this week’s blog to share with you.

It reads as follows:

Marriage is hard,

Divorce is hard

Choose your hard.

Obesity is hard.

Fit is hard.

Choose your hard.

Being in debt is hard.

Being financially disciplined is hard.
Choose your hard.

Communication is hard.

Not to communicate is hard.

Choose your hard.

Life will never be easy.

It will always be hard.

But we can choose our hard.

Choose wisely

The Mind Journal

What’s the underlying message with this poem? For me, it’s choices. Noting is easy, sometimes it feels like everything is hard, often just too hard, but we all have choices.

We need to make the hardest choices sometimes to make things easier for us to do so. This way we are more likely to achieve what we want rather than just saying ‘it’s too hard’.

We are stronger than we think, just take a look over your shoulder and reflect just how many obstacles, barriers, challenges, set-backs you’ve had in the past and managed to navigate round these, whether it was easy or difficult, we still managed it and learned a great deal into the bargain.

There are some great books that come to mind like ‘Eat That Fog’ by Brian Tracy who talks about doing the worst and hardest job first, so the rest of the day or week is plain sailing. But of course we don’t do that. We avoid hard or difficult things like the plague, which is where procrastination comes in and avoidance.

Some tips to take away:

  1. Regularly pause and reconsider plans for the upcoming week, month or if you feel it will help plan for each quarter to ensure you’ve built in sufficient slack to manage any potential obstacles or bumps in the road as well as giving you time to make any changes, diversions and adjustments to your plans

  2. Consider those choices you have in front of you and break these down into small doable chunks and manageable tasks. This will enable you to take advantage of them by putting steps in place to enable you to achieve them; what’s the saying? How do you eat an elephant? Answer: In small bites

  3. Taking notes of our achievements as well as our efforts is a great record for reflecting on when things aren’t going so well and we feel negative, pessimistic or ill-equipped. Taking time out to self-reflect on what the problem was, how you managed through it and what the outcome was

  4. And lastly, what do you do if you do have a hiccup, or fall of the wagon? Well you just start again, reminding yourself, you are human, you sometimes will mess up, but you will try and try again. Rome was never built in a day. Look forward. Take one step at a time. You CAN and WILL do this!

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