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What do you do about being unhappy or sad?

It’s interesting isn’t it how our feelings and emotions can peak and trough and sometimes it can all happen in one day!

When we have a positive experience we feel happy, motivated which gives us the encouragement and confidence to do more good things.

However, when we have a negative experience, this can make us feel sad, deflated and negative. When this happens we can lose our focus and direction and become less productive.

It’s a pity that we can’t keep the happy feeling on the back of a good experience as long as hold onto the sad feeling we have following a bad or negative experience.

The bad experience seems to stick with us like glue, feeling unable to shake the negativity and doubt that seeps into our thoughts and emotions.

We often don’t have the time to take out of a busy day to reset and consider putting the bad experience into context, which is why it often blows up into something huge which becomes the only thing we can focus and dwell upon.

Below are some questions you could ask yourself at any time, whether it is every day or every week, but checking in with our emotions and what we feel about them and more importantly how we can look to learn from our feelings, behaviours and reactions to our experiences, good and bad.

Consider asking yourself the following questions:

What made you sad or unhappy?

What didn’t you like about it?

What TWO things can I do to prevent this from reoccurring?

What’s been good for you today?

What’s made you happy?

What TWO things can I repeat to help this continue?

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