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What does success mean to you?

I’ve been listening to a book which talked about what success is and how we might get it. This led me to thinking more about what success really is, and that this is so different for us all. Success might be monetary, or status, fitness or career.

So how do we go about achieving success when it is so hard to define, particularly when what we do determine as being successful either isn’t achievable or when we get it, that wasn’t it!

I read a book ages ago about a man whose definition of success was to have $1m in the bank. He worked so hard doing every job possible to earn the money he missed out on lots of things. However, many years later he achieved his success, he had his $1m in the bank.

Did he feel successful? Did he feel he had accomplished his dream and aim he’d had for years? No! He felt lost and empty. He realised the money wasn’t actually his driver, nor his goal. He had to go to a business coach to fully realise his goal was something else, something totally different, which he went off and did and not only did he feel successful, he had lots more than $1m in his bank account AND he felt accomplished.

I believe success means living by our true values, and defining what success means to and for us and is this in alignment with our values, whether these values are ones we are living by or ones we are aspiring to have as values and are working towards.

Success means living by your values and that is personal to all of us as well as being something measurable.

Here’s how you might start achieving your success:

  1. List all those personal values you currently have and put them in priority order noting why and what they mean to you
  2. List those aspiring personal values; those ones you are working towards, put them in priority order, noting why and what they mean to you
  3. Tease out from these two lists what success looks like for you based on having this would mean you have become a success
  4. Note any areas where you feel you may go off track, obstacles or bumps in the road that may need to be addressed, considering what actions or strategies you need to deal with these
  5. Regularly review where you’re at and adjust as necessary, noting any times you’ve become stuck, and if you do get stuck, then aim to be present, acknowledge and if possible ‘name’ it so you can address it properly
  6. Lastly, always focus on the end result; keeping this picture, image or visual front of mind is a great motivator

Good luck in achieving your success!

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