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What does SUCCESS mean to you?

We all might have dreams and aspirations of being successful and having success, but do we really know what that is, what that means? It’s different for each one of us isn’t it? Do we know when we’ve got there? Is it what we wanted? Are we satisfied feeling we’ve achieved our lifetime ambition, and are fulfilled?

I fear not! We strive continually for success, whatever that is or means, and often feel we haven’t got there, or we see other people appearing to have success, and we don’t seem to get there.

We need to be careful we are wishing for the right thing, aiming for the right goal, going down the right path, don’t we?

In the meantime, whilst we are on our journey to success, let’s look at what it could look like; perhaps some of these resonate with you?

Success may mean or include the following five areas:

Values – our personal values need to align to a certain degree with our business values or with the values of the organisation we work with

Choices – we all have choices, even though we don’t think we do at times, but we always have the ability and the opportunity to stop, stand back and consider what we are doing to decide the best way forward

Organised – if we aren’t organised then we are not going to achieve those things we want. We need to clear our minds so we are clear of our mental and emotional ‘clutter’ enabling us to plan and keep on track

Habits – we all have habits, good and bad, and for the most part we may consider most of our habits are bad, we may be in a rut, and out of habit always do things a certain way, without any thoughts about doing things a different way to produce a different outcome

Fears – we all have fears of some kind or another, some small and some large, however, these are often just obstacles and barriers standing in our way preventing us from making progress

Try working through the above and plan for your success whatever that may be.

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