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What Holds You Back From Achieving Your Goals?

What holds you back from achieving your goals?

We often find this question easy to answer as we can find a heap of reasons, or excuses, why we haven’t achieved what we set out to achieve or complete what we set out to complete.

Sometimes it’s US that holds us back. Our lack of self-belief or the limitations we put on ourselves creates a barrier which disables us before we even start!

If you were totally honest with yourself, what REALLY holds you back from achieving your goals?

If we track back to the source of our situation, we nearly always end up realising it’s a personal issue or reason that stops or prevents us from achieving, rather than the need to upskill or learn something new.

If we honestly asked ourselves why we give up on goals or even why we don’t set goals, what might we say?

I am often asked, is it’s better to have a SMART, (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, time-bound) goal; or is better to have a ‘hairy audacious’ goal?

One could argue that a goal without a deadline is a dream, but often dreams come true, dreams are our vision and us thinking big! Isn’t a ‘hairy audacious’ goal a great place to start?

If you’ve ever put together a vision board this is a great way not only of clarifying how you would like to see things but seeing it visibly every day helps you keep focused on what you want and how it will look and help you ‘feel’ like you are already there when you look at it.

Whether your goal is SMART or ‘hairy audacious’, you need to be flexible, adaptable and stretch and grow into what you want to be, and this can feel uncomfortable. But learning to ride a bike was painful and uncomfortable but we still managed it didn’t we?

Don’t let your present situation limit you and your goals as, this limits you – so dream it – think it – do it! NOW!

Then you can honestly say nothing holds me back from achieving my goals!

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