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What is Self-Care? Do you practice Self-Care?

Self-care is about how we care for our whole self, our wellbeing, which includes our emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual health.

Self-care replenishes and renews our health and wellbeing.

Self-care is about doing something for you, only you, to help with your overall health and wellness.

How we self-care is different for everyone; we have to find our best way to care for ourselves as one size doesn’t fit all.

Tips for Self-Care:Creating a time in the day everyday – creating a self-care routine enables us to prioritise us, ensuring we have time to chill, relax, unwind, re-energise, do things that give and bring us joy

  1. Everyday journaling – the key to self-care is to start with one specific activity and that’s the act of writing down our thoughts, feelings, activities, achievements, anticipated goals or actions for us

2. Top and Tail journaling – there are various schools of thoughts about when to journal, the morning, the evening, throughout the day. It’s about choosing a time that best suits you, but deciding on when this time will be each day and ensuring this is locked in, then sticking to it

3. Post journaling – often people won’t write a daily journal as they feel it’s not worth the time writing it down, so consider what you will do with your daily writing. You can have a weekly reflection and planning time that uses the previous week to generate ideas or activities that will give you pleasure, delight or enjoyment

4. Finding your best way – you may start journaling in the morning and feel this isn’t the best time for you, so change it to the evening, and see how this feels for you. When you find the best time that suits you and your routine you will establish this routine much easier

5. Livening things up – you can have so much fun with journaling by adding in your own drawings or doodles that mean something to you, cutting out a quote you’ve seen or a picture of something that makes you feel good. This way when you look back on your writings it enables you to understand more how you felt at that time

6. Making it a priority – once you’ve established a routine and found the right way that best fits with you, make sure you’ve made this your #1 priority against other things you might have each day, so you don’t lose the momentum

7. Self-care might not be in your everyday or even every week, but you can change this around and incorporate this today. Give yourself permission to pause, write, reflect and replenish and refresh your emotional and mental wellbeing.

Why? Because you’re worth it! Aren’t you?

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