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What lies beneath is what matters

Most of what we show others is the best version of ourselves. This may be a façade, our armour, our uniform, hat or ‘face’ creating this invisible ‘shield’ that protects us and stops others from seeing the real us, i.e. what’s going on inside.

What we see is people exuding certain behaviours when they know they are being observed, i.e. in work or in public.

But what about the invisible things, the things that others can’t see, sometimes those things that even we don’t want to see or acknowledge.

Our emotions when things are difficult can be strong and obvious and we try to keep them hidden, covering them up to try and show ourselves and others we are strong, can cope and manage with our current situation.

What can make our emotions worse is what we think. And often our negative thinking, fixed mindset and bad habits cause our mind to run rife causing all sorts of panic internally. That inner voice that is telling us we can’t and shouldn’t and that bad things will happen.

Our emotions and thinking stems from our values and our values stem from our beliefs. And deep down we know what our values are and what we believe in. And if we are honest with ourselves, we can be true to our values and true to our beliefs, but our mind can play tricks with us causing our behaviours to be different and not what we would like them to be.

How can we help ourselves with those feelings that are the tip of the iceberg, above the water that keep us afloat holding the visible part of the iceberg there for all to see? How can we manage to remain positive when we are feeling low or down?

I believe we need to go back to the beginning, take a dive and look at the bottom of the iceberg. Return to our beliefs, revisit our values, correct our thinking and check our emotions.

Our behaviour from that will follow and the positive results will come. Remember that the biggest part of us remains invisible and so what is visible should be easy to manage if we try and follow the process of returning to our roots, following through and giving ourselves a reset or refresh.

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