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What Superhero powers do you wish you had?

What Superhero powers do you wish you had?

I’m sure you remember reading comics as a child and enjoying the superheros at their best? Saving others, flying in and making everything perfect in the world. Using their superpowers to everyone’s advantage.

Then we grow up and realise there aren’t such things as superheros or superpowers, but don’t we all wish we had some at times?

This got me to thinking about looking at the areas in our lives that aren’t working as well as they might. Things we know we could be doing better, or more of, or less of. It might be those things we could magically stop or start doing.

Whichever of the above we might choose, perhaps we could choose up to three of the superpowers below and then look at how we might use these to help ourselves, our businesses, our family, or our work.

If you had one of these superpowers, what would it be?


Super speed




Time Travel

Super strength



Why? – Consider why you want this superpower, and for what reason

How? – Consider how you would use this superpower, and in what capacity

What? – Consider what you would or could do to help address a situation or person

Who? – Consider who you would use this superpower for, and why you chose them

Where? – Consider where you would use this superpower, work, business, home or family

Next Steps:

Take away the fact it’s a superpower and you’re not a superhero, what elements of what you’ve chosen could be incorporated into your life, work or business?

Which areas could you improve that would make a difference in your present that would provide a better future?

In our own way we are all superheroes, and in our own way we all have hidden superpowers, or strengths, that remain untapped or forgotten. Perhaps they’ve gone ‘rusty’, or we’ve just not had the time to develop them.

My challenge to you is to see in what way you are a superhero already and to develop a new superpower. Make it fun and enjoyable. Share the idea with someone. Perhaps it could be a team challenge. Either way, be your own superhero and make the best of your superpowers, current or aspiring.

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