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What Value Do YOU Place on YOU?

It’s interesting when we talk about the value of something, we can either be talking about value for money i.e. getting what you pay for, or the value we receive from something that benefits us emotionally rather than financially or practically.

Today I wanted to talk about the value we place on ourselves and our businesses.

I don’t know about you but when I had my own business the first time I hated having to ‘ask’ someone for money and felt bad ‘taking’ money from people for my services, particularly when I started out, as I didn’t feel I deserved to be paid in the early days.

When I set up in business a second time, I thought, being older and wiser and feeling more confidence with age (as we can sometimes do), I would find it easier, but no I didn’t! I still felt strange having the ‘money’ talk. It made me feel uncomfortable when someone asked what my charges were for my services, I felt guilty for charging!

I’ve thought about this a great deal, and even more so when recently in a group discussion of business owners we were talking on this very subject. The topic of conversation seemed to go hand in hand with us valuing ourselves, our businesses and the services we offer.

It is also a little of the kiwi culture, that promoting ourselves and what we do is seen as boasting or bragging, rather than us being proud of what we do, who we do it for, why we do it, and more importantly how people benefit from the wonderful services we offer.

As time wore on I became more comfortable with myself, my business, my services and having the money talk. Now, I confidently answer the money question with pride and confidence, because I, like you, know deep down inside that we are good, if not great at what we do, and we can’t help people if we don’t let them know this.

So, let’s start with putting value on ourselves, and when asked what we charge say it confidently and proudly knowing how what you do will help others.


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