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What was I thinking?

I recently climbed Mount Culverden. Whilst this mountain isn’t the biggest I’ve climbed at 586m, nor the hardest, it was my self-talking I wanted to share with you!

The initial climb was moderate and continuous, and very slippery underfoot. My focus was looking down where I was walking, frequently looking ahead and upwards where I was heading.

When we reached the summit of the first peak, 100m from the highest point of Mount Culverden, I looked towards our destination and saw the task that lay ahead! It began with a rock face we had to climb down first, before climbing the three peaks you can see in the photo before reaching our destination!

My first thought was how far away the summit was, with slight trepidation seeing three peaks we had to climb before reaching Mount Culverden summit, which in fact was only 100m higher than where we stood!

What this reminded me of was how I tackle actions to reach my goals in my business, and that of my clients with their businesses, when we talk of dealing with those easy and difficult tasks, and managing the ‘I don’t know if I can do this’ self-talk which interrupts our working days.

I managed this by breaking the remainder of the walk into small steps, firstly tackling the rock face, then the climb up each peak one by one.

Having the downhill breaks in between was time for reflection at the peak I had just climbed and my feeling of achievement.

What did I learn from this?

Here’s 6 tips I would like to share with you:

  1. Positive self-talking was imperative to keep me focused and on track
  2. Breaking my goal into manageable tasks made it easier to reach my destination
  3. Using times of reflection to think positively about my achievements
  4. Batting the negative self-talk away and only focusing on positive self-talk
  5. Reflecting on the GREAT feeling reaching the summit (or goal) was a huge feeling of satisfaction which I can use in future when undertaking future goals
  6. Keeping my head down, focusing one step at a time, looking back at how I’ve come, and taking one peak at a time helped me reach the summit

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