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Which lane are you in or are you still signalling to get on!

One thing I’ve come to believe is that no matter where we are on our journey and no matter what we do along the way, we are still learning. When we learn and grow and try new things we feel out of our depth, lose a little confidence and suffer setbacks.

It’s almost as if our lives are a road of which we have choices in which direction we go in, which lane we are on and can choose which exits we want to take and when.

We do however, need to know where we’re going when we get on the road, otherwise we are going to get lost and possibly end up on a road we can’t exit easily, sometimes because the traffic is just going far too fast.

For some of us we slip onto the main road easily, confidently, entering the traffic with skill and ease. We even move into the middle or fast lane dependent upon who is there and how fast they are travelling. We wait for a space and move in when we can as safely as we can.

For others, with less confidence on the roads, we may go up the slip road signalling to go on, but we don’t have the confidence to enter the main road for fear something will go wrong, we will misjudge the speed of the other vehicles and crash.

Our lives are like that, and as we are all at different stages either in business or personally.

We need to be mindful of planning our route very carefully so we can anticipate what’s ahead so any decision we make is not going to cause any major disruption or cause ourselves any harm, stress or grief.

If we’re driving, we have the road code to help us. In business, there isn’t a business code as such.

However, in business, we can seek that help and support via a business coach or mentor, or a life coach if it’s help on a personal level.

The key is seeking help before you before you ‘get in the car’ or set up your business or buy your business. Don’t wait until you’ve ‘broken down’, or ‘nearly caused an accident’, rather seek advice and guidance from someone who can provide you with objective and unbiased support so you can plan your route and reach your destination safely and on time.

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