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Which Pathway Are You On?

Sometimes we just don’t know which way to go, or which path to take. There may be many paths in front of us, and this can feel confusing, particularly if we don’t know which one to take. We are often scared to take the wrong path, but not taking any path won’t get us where we want to be.

There’s a great quote by Frank A. Clark which reads “If you find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn’t lead anywhere”.

I think we all know and realise that whichever path we take, nothing is easy, and there are always things that get in the way, and sometimes the obstacles are ourselves.

Stretching ourselves outside of our comfort zone can be painful, fearful and often daunting. We need to carefully consider what we do, where we go and when we do it.

How can we do this? Perhaps you could consider these questions…

  • What’s your mantra?
  • How do you find your way?
  • Is life a journey or a destination for you?
  • Have you found your path?

We all might want to reach for the stars, but we must lay down our foundations first before we can reach our horizon.

We are never to old! We can chase our dream at any age, and should never give up!

But first we need to find the why and how of our dream and then work out how we can achieve it.

As Socrates states “To be is to do”.

It’s not just about achieving, it’s who you become when you achieve. When we achieve we become stronger, braver, more knowledgeable

Here are 9 steps to help you to find your own way:

  1. Firstly, choose to discover your own path
  2. Discover which path is the best one for you
  3. Check you are on the right path
  4. Keep walking down that path and you will make progress
  5. Remember your path won’t be a straight one
  6. If you go down the wrong path, turn back and find the right one
  7. You may not know how long the path is but keep walking
  8. Sometimes you might need to run to chase you dream
  9. But a steady pace is good, looking forward all the time

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