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Which Room Are You In?

We are all on a journey, that we know, and the paths are many and varied, that we also know too! However, how we choose which paths, when to take them and how we go about choosing them is another thing altogether.

Today I wanted to encourage you to look at this a different way to consider where you are on your journey and are you where you thought you would be and if not, why not.

Do you have a clear plan of where you want to be, or not?

Have you chosen wrongly in the past and are somewhere you didn’t want to be?

Do you know how to get yourself from where you are to where you want to be?

And have you got the courage, confidence and clarity to get you there?

So many questions – but let’s look at this as being in rooms rather than paths and perhaps use this as a visual / drawing exercise to help you plan your journey ahead.

Current Situation: Let’s imagine you are in a room. Picture what type of room, and who is in it with you. What part do they play in helping, supporting or assisting you? Are they being a personal or professional support? How long have you been in the room and is it where you want to stay? Do you know of any other rooms and what they look like? Are there any you would rather be in now, soon or later? And why?

Changing Situation: Now it’s time to play changing rooms. Start to visualise what other rooms have in them and what it might feel like to be in them. Who is there? How can they help? How does it feel? Is it where you would like to be and for how long? Is it a room that leads to another one?

Ideal Situation: Visualise what the ideal room might look like and how it feels. Who would you like in the room with you? What part do they play in the room and are they are a support in any way? Picturing what this room looks like you can then revisit the room you are currently in and see how you might make your journey to the room of choice.

And remember…

Each room is a different size, with a different environment, a different feel, has different people in it and how you behave, and feel is going to be different according to the type of room and those in it.

Changing Rooms can be a motivating and inspirational way to plan your future and determine which path you would like to take. Be creative and draw this if easier, great visual to return to at different times in your life.

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