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Who’s in Charge?

“No lion roars in the jungle for nothing

Every lion roars just to remind the other animals of who is in charge

What are you in charge of?

When did you last roar like the lion?

Stay in Charge!”

David Akamagwuna

I just love this quote above as it can help us really think about our own lives and who’s in charge of it!

  • Do you control your habits or do your habits control you?
  • Do you control your calendar or does your calendar control you?
  • Do you control your work or does your work control you?

We can tell ourselves all the time we are in control of our own destiny, and we pretty much are in charge of our own lives, however, life can get in the way, and before we know it, we are being controlled by outside influences and find we are no longer in charge anymore.

When this happens, we start to lose control, feel overwhelmed, get stressed and wonder how we got to this point.

We could start to track back as to why this happened in our life and when it happened and how did we let it happen, however, it is probably more important to consider today is the day we pull back the control and be the driver, lead the way and be in charge of our life, our work, our business or our personal life, and even our emotions and behaviour.

How might we start to do this?

  1. Changing Habits – we get to busy sometimes we get into bad habits which become our default system; we may have broken away from these habits in the past but slowly drifted back into the same old ways; changing habits takes effort and determination and a feeling of wanting to do it for ourselves and not for anyone else

  2. Controlling our Calendar – we often either don’t use our calendar to our best advantage or if we do diarise actions we ignore them, batting them away because we don’t want to do them; we need to decide to use the resources and support around us, whether this is a coach who can help you or using various applications or your calendar to maximise you taking the lead and managing it rather than it managing you

  3. Overworking – when we are a business owner, particular a single-person enterprise, we get sucked into working outside traditional business hours spilling into our personal times at weekends and in the evenings; we forget the impact this has on our health, fitness, family and social time; eventually these longer hours become a habit; we need to consider what we might tell others if they did the same thing

Maybe we need to don the lion’s clothing and roar to let everyone know we are in charge!

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