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Why Do We Give Up?

I’m sure you like me have gotten to the stage when you’ve just wanted to give up. You’ve picked yourself up several times before and there becomes a time when you feel it’s just not worth getting up again just to be knocked down.

The last two to three years has been and continues to be a challenge for all of us and at times when things are tough and challenges feel just too hard and ongoing, we feel like giving in and giving up.

But why do we give up and is there a way in which we can help ourselves by developing strategies and tools to protect ourselves from feeling like we want to give up or give in.

Below are some examples of why we might feel like giving up – see if any of them resonate with you.

Expecting quick results or quick fixes

Lack of self-belief or stopping believing in ourselves

Being stuck in the past or letting our past baggage drag us down and stay in our present

Dwelling on our mistakes and having the focus on what we did wrong rather than what we did right

Fear of what the future might hold for us or afraid of moving into unknown territories

Resisting change or being afraid of change or feeling safe in our comfort zone wondering why we would even contemplate moving outside this

Believing in our weaknesses rather than our strengths or focusing on the negative rather than the positive

Having the wrong balance or our fears being more of an obstacle than our desire to succeed or achieve

Lack of vision or inability to believe that our dreams and visions are a possibility and doubting ourselves and our abilities

Focusing on loss rather than gain or putting more time and energy into what we might lose rather than all the positives and what we might gain

Burnout or work overload and feeling like we just have absolutely no energy to do anything other than the day-to-day routine easy tasks

Feeling like it’s only us or that we are the only one that’s experiencing the problems we are having or feeling like we are, somehow feeling we are unique with this issue and not sharing it

Staying in a mindset of failure being a sign of giving up and turning back rather than seeing it as a step in the right direction i.e. this was the wrong step at the wrong time and to try again

Feeling so sorry for ourselves we can’t think outside the square and feeling stuck in our own self-pity that we can’t see the wood for the trees

If you recognise any of these then perhaps you need to reach out and seek support, whether this is in the form of business coaching & mentoring or personal life coaching. Having someone whom you can confide in confidentially that will help give you clarity, focus and direction.

A problem shared is a problem halved. Sharing your situation is often therapeutic and the beginning of being able to move to the next chapter in your life or at least see there is a new chapter in your life.

Most of the way we feel is about mindset and receiving help with changing our negative thoughts to positive and acquiring tools and strategies to help us move from current situation to ideal situation.

We can all do it, sometimes we just need a little help to get us there.

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