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Why Throwing Out the ‘Old Bananas’ is Imperative to Your Success

You’ve likely walked past your kitchen bench and seen near-rotten bananas and thought to yourself, oh, I’ll make a smoothie tomorrow with those. Then the next day you see the same bananas and think, guess it’s time to make banana bread! On the third day, the bananas are collecting flies, and there’s not a smoothie or banana bread in sight.

We do the same thing in our businesses, often without even noticing.

We set unachievable goals, with high expectations of ourselves, setting ourselves up to fail, instead of SMART goals that relate to our personal and professional goals.

We write To-Do lists galore, never working through them, always putting them off to the next day; the list just grows and grows making us feel more and more overwhelmed.

We have loads of ideas that pop into our heads at all sorts of the day and night, that constantly sit at the back of our minds, whirring away preventing us from concentrating on the task in hand and distracting us from our main priorities.

Anyone recognise this?

Is this something you are often found doing?

Do you wish you could change the cycle you’re in?

So perhaps think BANANAS!

Use this as a metaphor to help you change what your doing to become something more productive.

Here’s how it goes:

  1. When you first think of an idea, it’s green like an un-ripe banana. It’s natural for an idea to mature for a few days — and ripen like a banana. But after a while, if you don’t act upon those ideas, they begin to rot and take up mental and physical space

  2. If we don’t throw out the ideas that never came to be — or the rotten bananas — our business will start to attract flies, rot and slow down

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