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Would you want to be a like a Willow Tree?

As you may already know I get my inspiration from many sources and this week it came from a poem I saw in a shop which talked about the traits of a willow tree.

From this I thought I would use the Willow Tree as a metaphor and see how we may use some of our existing skills or adopt some skills we didn’t previously have to become more like a Willow Tree.

The Willow Tree is felt to be the rebel of the tree world in that it is anything but conventional; and zigs when other trees zag, its roots are intriguing and daring in that they seem to find their way past or through every obstacle that may be in their way.

They have the flexibility to bend when other trees break even in the fiercest storms, taking these challenges in its stride.

It constantly reinvents itself, continually looking for new routes to branch out and into, focusing continually on growing as best it can to realise its full potential, never giving up.

It is also believed to be one of the fastest growing plants in the world, absorbing vast quantities of water, yet managing in flooded areas, using its strong deep and wide roots to prevent erosion of the soil.

Let’s look at the SIX attributes we might use to become more like the Willow Tree:

  1. Being different – Use your creative side to reinvent yourself rather than being traditional
    1. Find your path – Life is about taking different paths until you find the right one to reach your destination
    1. Managing obstacles – Seeing obstacles as challenges and being flexible enough to manage these as they arise
    1. Growth mindset – Focus on abundance, what you want to help you continue to grow, keeping positive and being proactive
    1. Being strong – We are stronger than we think, rather than focus on the problem, look for a solution
    1. Feeling Tall – No matter how big or small we are it’s about how we feel and imagining ourselves being tall, seeing the way ahead enabling us to plan effectively

Be a Willow Tree and never forget that you are capable of so much more than you think

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