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You only have one life – are you living this the way you want?

You only have one life – are you living this the way you want?

  • Are you able to truthfully state what you want from your life?
  • Do you have a clear-cut master plan to achieve what you want from your life?
  • Does this master plan precisely determine when you will achieve what you want from your life?

These are some questions I might ask clients to help them with their thinking around where they’re at, where they want to be, as well as why and determine how they might consider getting there.

Can we honestly say we take ‘time out’ to consider this? Usually we are too busy aren’t we, however, if we did pause for a small period of time to consider what challenges or obstacles lay ahead and what we might need in terms of help, support, advice, guidance to motivate and inspire us to start, continue and complete, wouldn’t this be beneficial?

Sometimes we may lack self-belief or confidence in what we can manage to achieve. Self-doubt seeps in and can often take over. We fear taking a step into the unknown because we are often comfortable where we are and worry a move into the something new may not work out and we will fail.

Some people are great at writing their goals down. For many, work or business goals are embedded, but personal goals often get forgotten. These are just important.

It’s often a good idea to work on professional goals, personal goals, and health goals. This way we can ensure that all areas are covered, especially if we want to improve our work / life balance or bring balance back into our work and personal life.

When we overdo things, we can become emotional and react in a less positive way which can be counter-productive to what we want to achieve.

Sometimes, we might find ourselves in a rut, stuck in the same path with the same routine, possibly not utilising our skills, knowledge and experience. Again, it can be fear of taking that next step.

Having someone you can talk to that’s a confidential sounding board is often a good place to start. It opens up conversations about possibilities and opportunities. Often when we say things out loud to another person things become clearer or less of an issue.

Receiving clarification from a coach & mentor is an excellent way to ensure you are reaching maximum performance in your life, work or business.

If you feel you aren’t satisfied with how things are at the moment and aren’t sure where to start, then perhaps consider having a chat with someone to gain a better understanding.

What have you got to lose? Because if you’re not living your life the way you want, isn’t that a waste?

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