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What to do when you’re feeling stuck!

When you are stuck in the same routine for months, you stop seeing new opportunities.” Dhaval Gajera

When we are feeling stuck we can’t think straight, can’t think of any positives, only negatives, feeding ourselves with all reasons we can’t do something.

If only we looked on being stuck in a positive way, instead of this being a bad omen, look upon it as a new beginning, a sign that it’s time to change. It may be changing what you’re doing or the way you’re doing it, but remember, nothing changes if nothing changes. Doing nothing isn’t an option! Not if we want to move forward.

So how can we get ourselves unstuck?

Here are some tips which might be useful:

  1. Listen to your gut instinct, your intuition, and believe in what your heart is telling you. Perhaps it’s telling you it’s time for a change
  2. Stop overthinking and over-analysing things as this can stop you making progress, remembering the tiniest step is progress, and progress is good because at least you are moving forward
  3. Tell someone you are stuck and can’t think away out of the situation you’re in, sometimes sharing our stuck-ness can help us to think in a clearer way, giving us more focus and direction
  4. Being stuck can also mean that it’s time to change. We often fear change because it feels like it’s an ending, but every end means a new beginning, so focus on the new beginning rather than fearing an ending
  5. Think about having a plan to move you from feeling or being stuck. Create a plan and think positively, clearing all negative thoughts. Remember you don’t have to have the entire plan figured out, just having an outline is a great way to start, focusing on the image of your plan being in place
  6. Being stuck and not feeling you’re in a good place means things can only get better from now on – the only way is up! You can change things from being the way they are if you believe the best is yet to happen for you, and that you are destined for better things, so think positively

If you’re feeling stuck, then you can unglue yourself from your stuck-ness!

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