Slow down you’re doing too fast!

Slow down you’re going too fast! We all lead such busy lives and often the feeling we get when we’re busy isn’t just being tired or worn out, more of a feeling of being overwhelmed by just far too much to do and not enough time to do it in. All these feelings are everything we don’t want to feel when we want to enjoy the journey and not just the destination. Whichever path we’re taking we know there are challenges, obstacles and barriers along the way, but we hope they are manageable and achievable. But when we have so much to do, not enough time to do it in. When we have other commitments and priorities, whether it be children or other personal commitments, we still want to enjoy what we’re doing and not feel that our job or business is something to be rushed or squeezed in amongst

Is what you’re doing right now going to lead to a sale or a new client?

As a business owner we need to be mindful of making each day count to ensure that what we are doing or about to do will ultimately generate a new client, sale or income. But how can we ensure this happens and how can we avoid being pulled into the general hum-drum operational cum administrative roles and jobs we still have to do to ensure our business ticks along in the background, particularly when as a single-person-enterprise we don’t have anyone to delegate to and / or we can’t afford to out-source those jobs we aren’t so good at or don’t want to do. It isn’t easy as ultimately we’re juggling many balls in the air constantly and this can be soul-destroying and boring as well as hugely de-motivating and time-consuming. To ensure that everything we are doing is going to lead to a sale or a new client we

Problem Solving

They say a problem shared is a problem halved and that we should write down our problems, break them down and then they won’t be so bad. Some say success is about being a confident person; one who can solve problems! Therefore, being a confident problem solver is likely to be an important part of your success. In our roles as business owners we could all say we ‘help’ people, and in one way or another whether providing a service or a product we do help people. To enable us to help people we enable them to solve a problem or fix something for them that isn’t working. This makes us all problem solvers. Being a good problem solver gives us confidence and can be the catalyst in creating a success business. We may not only be a problem solver for our clients or customers, but we may also be

Yeah – Nah!

There’s a quote by Helen Keller “Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow”. What I like about this quote is the positive tone to it. Looking towards the sun and away from darkness. I’m sure like me you’ve all experienced those negative thoughts and worked hard at trying to replace them with positive ones. We are often told we should focus on the positive, but when we feel low, it’s the hardest thing to do. It takes strength to blot out negative thoughts and focus on positive ones. As Willie Nelson once said, “Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.” We know that the only time we have to do anything productive is right now, the present, today, yesterday is gone and tomorrow is yet to come for us to plan a positive outcome. As Lyndon B Johnson said,

It’s about the journey not the destination!

Don’t you just love that feeling of know you’re going away somewhere, perhaps travelling or on holiday or just a short break away? In our minds, we are there enjoying the destination in our minds, imaging we are there. The journey there is a means of getting to our destination rather than being a part of it. If we think of our goals being our destination and the journey being our actions, isn’t achieving our goal dependent upon those actions? Just like getting to our destination is dependent upon the journey to get there. For some, we just want the result, whether the goal or the destination, and just want to reach it no matter what and as quickly as we can. And sometimes if we do this, then we rush an important part of the result. This planning to get to our goal or destination is just as important

Beliefs and Values

Beliefs and Values What is the vision you hold for yourself or a new role or challenge? Is it seeing yourself completing something successful, or is it seeing yourself not completing or failing? For us to be able to have a positive vision of ourselves we need to believe in ourselves and understand our personal values. To do this we need to understand what makes us tick, identify, know and understand our values, and why they are our values as well as what those values mean to us. To enable us to achieve our full potential we need to believe in ourselves. If we were to consider where and what we lack in our own self-belief we can then explore what might be possible if we were to unblock what it is stopping us and what we might achieve if we did. We are growing every day in every way,

New Mindset – New Results!

A mindset is a belief or self-perception we hold about ourselves. Our mindset governs our behaviour, how we feel, our attitude and our outlook of how we see ourselves now and in the future. When we are set in a negative mindset, nothing can change our viewpoint or opinion, we seem locked in our ways and our beliefs that what we believe is the truth, and we truly belief we are unable to change. There are two mindsets, a positive and a negative. Having a positive mindset is a great habit to have as we can keep focused and have a clear direction in the belief that we will succeed, and nothing will get in our way. Unfortunately, a negative mindset has the opposite effect, and can be the road to disaster, causing us to be miserable and feel we will never be successful in anything we do. We listen

Motivation and Purpose

Do you know what motivates you? Motivation means “a reason or reasons for acting or behaving a particular way”, however we behave in a particular way because of what motivates us (or not) and how happy and content we are in the job we are doing. To be motivated, we need to have an incentive or a stimulus that truly inspires us to reach our destination, achieve our goal, or grow our business. If we start losing our way, then we lose our purpose, our direction, and therefore our motivation. Purpose means “the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.” It’s an intended or desired result, an aim or goal. To achieve our goals, we need to have a purpose so need to be determined, be resolute in keeping our eyes fixed ahead or on the ball. Having a sense of purpose shows commitment

Inspirations and Aspirations

Have you ever really thought about what it is that inspires us, and do we really know what our aspirations are? What’s the difference between aspirations and inspirations first? Aspirations – these are ambitions, goals, objectives or aims Inspirations – being inspired or motivated to do or achieve something We may have an aspiration to buy gym membership, however, we need to be inspired to physically go to the gym; OR we might have an aspiration to lose weight and get fit, but we must be inspired to start a healthy eating regime or start a fitness programme to achieve our goal. The reason why we often don’t achieve our goals and achieve our aspirations is because we haven’t worked out how to get from one to the other. Here are some steps to help you achieve your aspirations and empower you to feel inspired to succeed. Step 1 –

Who Influences You the Most?

Who has influenced you personally and professionally? What has influenced you personally and professionally? What did they do to influence you? How have they influenced you? “Each day you are leading by example. Whether you realise it or not or whether it’s positive or negative, you are influencing those around you.” Rob Liano We can be influenced positively or negatively. Some can challenge us, whereas some provide great chances for us to take. We are often influenced by great leaders who we admire and aspire to be, and they motivate us to be better than we are. What we don’t often take into consideration is that people may see us as leaders, and without realising it we might be influencing others. It’s interesting we often benchmark ourselves against others but can’t measure ourselves as other people see us. If we looked at who specifically influences us, we can then try