Benefits of having a Business Coach and Mentor

Most people realise that we all need someone to help us with things we don’t know, understand, or can’t do. Those things we lack experience, knowledge, skills or the ability to carry out effectively. It’s not about not growing ourselves by seeking help and advice but learning along the way from someone else with the knowledge in that area. When I set up my business I had specialist ‘mentors’ which were a group of people who advised me in specific areas. I also used a business coach to help me get started and to support me. This is not a sign of weakness, but more of a sign of strength, common sense and acceptance that we need to focus on what we are good at but seek help and support in those areas we know less about. This way everyone helps each other. From my own experience as a business

Communicating with Others

Have you ever considered why when you meet someone for the first time you feel like you’ve known them for ages and yet for others whom you’ve known for ages, there’s just something about them you either dislike or find frustrating? We are all different and whilst that’s a good thing, it can be a hindrance when we are trying to communicate with someone who is ‘different’ to us. We might often wonder why they can’t understand us and the way we think and of course they are likely feeling the same degree of frustration. This means that our communication isn’t as effective as what it could be resulting in us not reaching the successful outcome we want, which can add to the frustration. If you knew you could find a better way to communicate better with others, reduce conflict or frustration with others, wouldn’t you want to investigate this

Are you full of good intentions?

The road to Hell is paved with good intentions – I think we’ve all heard of this saying and relate to it, can’t we? Are you someone who is generally undecided unable to make decisions, often sitting on the fence, or are you a typical procrastinator, always putting things off and avoiding those things you should be doing? Or perhaps you are someone who is determined, never tires, always willing to give things a try and never giving up, but often never following through and completing the job? We all know we should set goals that are SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timebound), and aligned with our personal values. Our goals should always be written down and kept visible otherwise aren’t they just a ‘wish’ and never likely to be achieved? However, regardless of whether we write our goals down or not, despite our intentions we mainly don’t achieve

Joy vs Overwhelmed

What gives you joy?Do you take time out to do what gives you joy?What makes you feel overwhelmed?Do you spend too much time feeling overwhelmed? Do you spend enough time doing something that gives you joy, and do you spend more time feeling overwhelmed? As a business owner often we enter into this with rose-tinted glasses so we can work for ourselves, earn our own money, be our own boss, work our own hours, however the reality is often this is far from the truth, which is where initial joy can turn to a feeling of being overwhelmed and feeling totally helpless. Here are some tips to work on reducing or minimising being or feeling overwhelmed. Why not take one or two of these from this week’s blog to work on and see how you go, working through the list introducing more each time, remembering to increasing things to do

Are You a (good) leader?

Whether you are an independent business owner, or work for a large business or company, being a leader can be challenging. Leadership can come naturally to some, however for others, this may be something they have to work on. Sometimes it’s hard to know what you can start or stop doing to become a good or better leader and to be more respected and effective. Below are some tips which you might want to consider or incorporate in your daily life to help you become a good leader: Team Members – It’s really important to choose your team carefully and wisely. Ensuring they have the right skill set, strengths, experience and personalities to fit the team, job and role. Being a successful leader is being surrounded by a successful team and team members. Positive Role Model: Being a good leader is about setting a good example and leading by example.

What Legacy will you leave?

You may have heard the story about Jadav Payeng who was called The Forest Man, whose legacy was to plant a tree every day for 37 years becoming a beautiful oasis. An amazing story and living embodiment of the philosophy that one person can make a difference. The Starfish story is another, this one was based on the purpose of my business – working together to make a difference, where a young girl was throwing one starfish at a time back into the sea before the sun came up having been washed up on the shore due a storm the previous night. There are many inspirational stories like these, however, there are many more that go unnoticed where people do wonderful things for others and their communities every day that never seem to get noticed or be remembered for that. For example did you know what Alfred B Nobel was

Habit Breaker or Creator?

Are you a creator or breaker of habits?Do you have bad habits you want to be rid of?Do you have good habits you wish you had more of? Maybe the focus of how you’ve been trying to change your habits needs to be different. We seem to attract, develop and embed bad habits all the time and so very easily. And yet the good habits or positive and healthy habits we want to adopt, we don’t seem to be able to incorporate into our daily lives. Isn’t this just so aggravating? Maybe a different approach would be easier. If we instead, stopped focusing on what we want to stop or do less of, and instead focus on what we want to start, wouldn’t that be a more positive approach? Perhaps you could consider the ONE small habit you would like to introduce to your day. This new habit needs to

Are you determined, focused and grateful?

I think we all know that being determined will provide us with the greatest outcomes, don’t we? Then why aren’t we determined all the time? Sometimes our resolve is low, our willpower got up and walked away and we end up focusing on our weaknesses and what we can’t do, rather than what we should be doing. If we don’t have a purpose; a clear reason or focus for our goal, we are unlikely to feel determined at all, rather, we often go in the other direction and do nothing or something that’s not going to help us achieve anything helpful. We also know that to have a clear focus on what we want to do; have our eye on the ball at all times, however, sometimes we just don’t feel motivated to do what we know we should be doing. Our concentration often diminishes, our determination drops, we feel

How well do you cope under pressure?

Are you one of those people who try to everything yourself? Do you often pretend everything is fine when it isn’t? It IS okay to sometimes feel frustrated or angry, remember these feelings acts as ‘wellbeing barometer’. If we try, we can take the pressure off ourselves, particularly if we feel the pressure starting to build up. But first we do need to acknowledge to ourselves if things aren’t right and consider how best we can help ourselves. If you’re feeling ‘under the pump’ and pressured with how things are either at home, work or with the current environment, here are some tips you might want to consider. Making time and space to reflect on thingsIf possible, try to resist negative talk or negativityWork on talking positively, even if you don’t feel it, it can really helpIgnoring feelings you don’t like may hinder problem solvingWe need to try acknowledging our

Are you taking care of you?

We do need to be mindful of our own mental health and support our wellbeing. Isn’t it times like these when we need to make sure we are looking after ourselves, as well as our family, friends and colleagues? Not forgetting if in business we also need to take care of our business family. When we are at our best personally, we are positive and healthy with normal changes of mood, pretty sociable and active, sleeping well and feeling calm. At work we are able to concentrate easily and focus on our tasks, have fairly high work standards, and are mostly solution-focused. We are aware of those warning signs of ‘not being okay’ and have a good work / life balance. Sometimes, when our wellbeing isn’t so good and we’re feeling a little stressed, at home we might become irritable, perhaps anxious and our energy starts to drop. Whereas in