How Productive is YOUR business?

Are you productive in your business? If not, what is it that makes you unproductive? If you are, what is it that make you productive? AND, how do you maintain the productivity and keep motivated? These are all questions we hear amongst business owners – how do YOU do it? And often, we think or reflect, why can’t we be like them, how do they make it work and we can’t? What do they have that we don’t – how can they do it and us not? Productivity means efficiency and output, and as we know, to be successful in business means the more output we have the more input we will receive. BUT how do we go about it? Productivity is not just efficiency and output and is much more that increasing revenue, as this only reflects the outcome or the ‘end’ result. We must analyse our business thoroughly,

Getting the Help YOU Need to Succeed!

Are you one of those people who never asks for help? Because you know everything or think you know everything OR don’t want people to think you don’t know everything? Perhaps you’ve asked for help but received wrong or bad advice because you’ve asked the wrong people and wished you hadn’t! You might have wanted to ask for help but didn’t know who to ask. Using a business coach and mentor can help you gain clarity and direction, however, to help you succeed here are some suggestions you might like to consider: Our Behaviour – We might have developed ambitious goals which are unachievable. We need to focus on how we are going to achieve our goal by focusing on the process; be able to adapt and be flexible in how to get what we want. We need to ensure what we do is done well, starting and ending with

What Does Leadership Mean To YOU?

Leaders take responsibility for bringing about change, empowering people to uncover their unrealised potential.   Leaders are influencers able to get the best from their team. They are a good role model who practice what they preach, unafraid of getting their hands dirty, prepared to do what they ask of others. Being a leader isn’t just about setting goals and achieving them, it’s about making an impact and bringing about positive change, being encouraging to others who want to follow because they can see their vision too! Leaders have a vision and can see the big picture; they can imagine them having their vision. They inspire people to act, helping them coordinate their tasks and actions so they are walking with them to achieve the vision together. We know actions speak louder than words; being a leader means getting things done, not just talking about it, but really making a

Attitude Adjustment

There’s nothing wrong with MY attitude! It’s everyone else – not me! Quit your attitude or even better still - adjust your attitude! Why is it that some people just have ‘that’ sort of attitude, have always had that attitude and will likely always have ‘that’ attitude? Are you one of those people who truly believes everyone else is at fault barring you? All good things start and end with us! Doesn’t it? If we look at what attitude means, it states it’s somewhere between belief, a stance, or a mood! We can often start the day with a feeling that everything is going wrong and everyone and everything makes us feel exasperated or just makes us plain irritated. Being in that resentful, angry or negative mindset can cause us to feel differently about those around us. We might start to feel that everyone else has it easy, barring us.


You may have heard of the saying “determination is doing what needs to be done even when you don’t feel like doing it!”? If we were to really consider the word determination and its meaning what would we find? According to the dictionary, determination means the quality of being determined, firmness of purpose – “those who succeed because of sheer grit and determination.” This is all well and good, but how do we find the ability to find resolutions, have resolve, use our willpower, have that sense of purpose and decidedness? Somehow, for us to be determined, we must dig deep inside ourselves and find our mojo. If we were to look on determination being the solution and finding our quality as being the means or the method to achieve our solution, perhaps we would achieve more often. What is it that makes us successful and full of energy some

Turning the Proverbial Page!

There’s various writings about moving forward, being creative, not being stuck, not being afraid of trying new things, but sometimes it’s just too hard or frightening to contemplate doing anything other than what we’re doing right now, and that’s how we get stuck a rut! Let’s focus on our fears of trying something new and what it is that makes us feel safe staying doing what we’re doing, doing something that often we don’t enjoy doing or fed up doing! What is it in our psyche that gives us the unreal feeling of the metaphorical protective blanket keeping us safe, like when we’re fearful as children hiding under the bed covers or under the bed. Who says we’re safe now? Who says things are always going to remain the same even if we want them to? There’s a saying “Never be afraid to start over. It’s a chance to rebuild

What Value Do YOU Place on YOU?

It’s interesting when we talk about the value of something, we can either be talking about value for money i.e. getting what you pay for, or the value we receive from something that benefits us emotionally rather than financially or practically. Today I wanted to talk about the value we place on ourselves and our businesses. I don’t know about you but when I had my own business the first time I hated having to ‘ask’ someone for money and felt bad ‘taking’ money from people for my services, particularly when I started out, as I didn’t feel I deserved to be paid in the early days. When I set up in business a second time, I thought, being older and wiser and feeling more confidence with age (as we can sometimes do), I would find it easier, but no I didn’t! I still felt strange having the ‘money’ talk.

How Badly Do YOU Want It?

Tony Robbins is quoted as saying “Success is doing what you want to do, when you want, where you want, with whom you want, as much as you want.” Do you agree with this quote? Does it mean success is living the perfect life? For most of us we are aiming for success and a perhaps perfect or near perfect life. We can do this via the development of SMART goals. Sometimes it’s just about aiming to be worry free! We all know this don’t we? And so why aren’t we all successful in achieving what we want? Why haven’t we achieved our full potential or achieved success yet? If we know what we want and how to go about it, we should realise what we need to do and when, what discipline to use and why we chose it to get what we want. If you know what you

Grateful or Gripe! Keeping It Simple!

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Are you one of those people who are always appreciative of everything you have or are you one of those who complain about everything you don’t have! How grateful are you for what you have, where you are and what you are doing? Or are you one of these people who might expect nothing less! Do you regularly show your gratitude about how things are or focus on griping about how things should be and aren’t?! As quoted by Melody Beattie “Gratitude turns what we have into good enough”. Zig Ziglar said, “The more you gripe about your problems, the more problems you have to gripe about!” As referred to in the Law Attraction, what messages we send out is what is drawn towards us. We might be guilty of taking things for granted, and we do this because it might be what we expect, or have always had, and

Which Pathway Are You On?

Sometimes we just don’t know which way to go, or which path to take. There may be many paths in front of us, and this can feel confusing, particularly if we don’t know which one to take. We are often scared to take the wrong path, but not taking any path won’t get us where we want to be. There’s a great quote by Frank A. Clark which reads “If you find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn’t lead anywhere”. I think we all know and realise that whichever path we take, nothing is easy, and there are always things that get in the way, and sometimes the obstacles are ourselves. Stretching ourselves outside of our comfort zone can be painful, fearful and often daunting. We need to carefully consider what we do, where we go and when we do it. How can we do this? Perhaps you