Mary & Rick Jopson – Personal Life Coaching Programme

I would definitely recommend this programme and have already referred Debs' services to others. I would recommend this programme to others. If you are looking for self-improvement and having difficulties communicating or understanding people in their lives this would be a great start. I had a better understanding that we all communicate differently and that we need to identify people in our lives far better to understand them. It allows you to explain your emotional points and that work and personal life overlaps. I realised what really matters!! The programme reignites parts of your life you have taken for granted and become too relaxed with. Loved learning about iMA Personalities and people's 'colours' as well as the left / right brain thinkers and how we relate to each other. The biggest takeaway was to take time evaluating situations first. I loved Debs' personal approach and that she listened. Debs helped

Springfield School – Learning about iMA

Excellent seminar! I think everyone should do what we did and learn about the different personality groups / types and what best works for them either in a work situation or anywhere - that we aren't all the same and a different approach works for different personality types. Would recommend this seminar - if you do it as a team and adopt this in the workplace it will make things much easier. How fascinating the different criteria are between personalities. Enjoyed learning and understanding my personality better and how others might perceive me. I found it helpful being able to adapt how I interact with differing personalities. My key takeaway was adapting one of my traits to be more assertive. I would recommend the seminar to others; it is so good for working and personal relationships. Very interesting and informative - learning people's 'colours' and how that relates to how

Christchurch City Council – GCP Team – ‘Understanding Our Why’ Seminar

Thought provoking and challenging. Excellent seminar thank you. Learned lots by really looking at tools to understand self better; also really liked the drawing exercise. Enjoyed focusing on goals and digging deep into the goals. Really helped me to have a different perspective. Loved learning about different communication styles.

Dianna Koorey – Business Coaching & Mentoring Programme

Debs has been supportive and adaptable, and I have gained a greater knowledge of my own strengths and weaknesses. Debs has equipped me with the tools to tackle some challenging situations, and I am grateful for the knowledge and professionalism from Debs. Thank you. I would definitely give the programme 10 out of 10! It's a very supportive and empowering journey. The key areas I've taken away are the strengths and communications with others and learning how to be more assertive. the most helpful strategy has been learning about my own strengths and how to best use them. I liked the one-on-one coaching - it has an adaptable approach. I was better able to understand different personalities and adapt my approach for better outcomes.

Allegion Christchurch – Speech Coaching Business Programme – Brian Hockly & Vaiana Low

An excellent programme. Loved the structure of the programme particularly the mind mapping and how to structure a speech. The biggest thing I learned was less is more. the key thing I got out of participating in the programme I'll use in the future is confidence. Public speaking isn't bad if you're prepared. I would hugely recommend the programme. If you are speaking to people daily, you will find value in this programme. Through structure, I learned how to relax while presenting. Public speaking can be easy. The affirmations we did helped and now I feel like i have the tools to be able to present to anyone. Five-week programme; wanted another week; will miss the weekly sessions.

Craig Davies – Personal Life Coaching Programme

My overall assessment of the programme was that I was happy because it gave me another point of view and at times reinforced my thinking. The key points I took away were the areas for me to work on so that I handle my bad personal traits better. The most useful strategy I took away was using iMA to better understand other people’s personalities as we tend to focus on ourselves. I didn’t even consider that people have different ways of seeing and reacting. I feel understanding this in other people will be an ongoing thing that I will need to remind myself off regularly. The Personal Life Coaching Programme helped me to better understand me better, I still have doubts, but I feel better about how and I address those and deal with other people much better than I did before. I would hugely recommend Debs, Success Factor. Not

Ran Paenga – Modwell

For me, already having a full- time business and personal life, I required extra motivation in targeted aspects of my business plan. I found some of the homework and actions were simple and some were challenging, however, these all were needed to be done and were all achievable . The programme had adaptable, scheduled sessions, and workload given fitted with my work and time commitments. Debs also gives some great advice, tips and techniques that helps you manage your time personally and professionally. I found the sessions were delivered in a friendly and respectful manner. As an overall assessment, I felt the Business Coaching & Mentoring Programme was friendly, effective, adaptable, communicative and in a handy location providing some great contacts for me to progress the setting up of my new business. The key points I took away was how to plan ahead and document a 'to do' list effectively.

iMA Seminar – Quinovic Riccarton

Excellent seminar- thank you The most usable strategies and tips I learned were: Not to take anything personally and the difference in personality types Knowing my iMA colour, my work colleagues and family iMA colours Being and staying present and active listening Understanding how each other ticks and thinks To listen more and be understanding of my colleagues Tailor conversations around the person's iMA colour Key Takeaways:  Quick steps to identify the different 'colours' of personality Being more aware of others Communicating with people as per their iMA colour Understanding others and their thought processes and WHY they think like that Take time to really listen to others Testimonials / Recommendations: Very insightful on how to get along with others in all aspects of life Everyone should attend so they too can be more aware Attending the seminar helps to understand yourself and those you interact with It's great to

Teena Anderson FMG – Speech Coaching Business Programme

An excellent programme - 10 out of 10! Debs was recommended to me because of my fear of public speaking, I still don’t love it but with your advice I do now put my hand up to formally speak whenever possible to normalise it. The tools you have shared will help me in my role to deliver key messages and PowerPoint presentations, I am excited to share what I have learnt with my Team Leaders so they can also deliver more powerful messaging. The most usable strategy for me was the mind mapping tool along with speech structure and know your audience. The key thing I go out of participating in the programme i will use in the future is using pics and less words in PowerPoint presentations, seeking feedback on presentation learnings from audience and keep telling myself I can do this and breathe through the fear. I would

Speech Coaching Business Programme – ENATEL

ENATEL had five participants who attended the Success Factor Speech Coaching Business Programme and here's what they said. The most useful tip and tool I gained from the programme was: Being aware of things to improve on Being aware of gap fillers and not using them Being self-aware of my presentation skills The importance of voice projection and eye contact Getting feedback in a positive way The key thing I got out of participating in the programme was: Looking around at each person in the audience and pausing to improve engagement How to give a more effective presentation to an audience Being more self-aware of what I'm doing and how I am coming across to the audience The difference of presenting to different audiences Be prepared before you present I would recommend this programme to others because: It gives you more experience giving speeches and presentations I would definitely recommend