Ran Paenga – Modwell

For me, already having a full- time business and personal life, I required extra motivation in targeted aspects of my business plan. I found some of the homework and actions were simple and some were challenging, however, these all were needed to be done and were all achievable . The programme had adaptable, scheduled sessions, and workload given fitted with my work and time commitments. Debs also gives some great advice, tips and techniques that helps you manage your time personally and professionally. I found the sessions were delivered in a friendly and respectful manner. As an overall assessment, I felt the Business Coaching & Mentoring Programme was friendly, effective, adaptable, communicative and in a handy location providing some great contacts for me to progress the setting up of my new business. The key points I took away was how to plan ahead and document a 'to do' list effectively.

iMA Seminar – Quinovic Riccarton

Excellent seminar- thank you The most usable strategies and tips I learned were: Not to take anything personally and the difference in personality types Knowing my iMA colour, my work colleagues and family iMA colours Being and staying present and active listening Understanding how each other ticks and thinks To listen more and be understanding of my colleagues Tailor conversations around the person's iMA colour Key Takeaways:  Quick steps to identify the different 'colours' of personality Being more aware of others Communicating with people as per their iMA colour Understanding others and their thought processes and WHY they think like that Take time to really listen to others Testimonials / Recommendations: Very insightful on how to get along with others in all aspects of life Everyone should attend so they too can be more aware Attending the seminar helps to understand yourself and those you interact with It's great to

Teena Anderson FMG – Speech Coaching Business Programme

An excellent programme - 10 out of 10! Debs was recommended to me because of my fear of public speaking, I still don’t love it but with your advice I do now put my hand up to formally speak whenever possible to normalise it. The tools you have shared will help me in my role to deliver key messages and PowerPoint presentations, I am excited to share what I have learnt with my Team Leaders so they can also deliver more powerful messaging. The most usable strategy for me was the mind mapping tool along with speech structure and know your audience. The key thing I go out of participating in the programme i will use in the future is using pics and less words in PowerPoint presentations, seeking feedback on presentation learnings from audience and keep telling myself I can do this and breathe through the fear. I would

Speech Coaching Business Programme – ENATEL

ENATEL had five participants who attended the Success Factor Speech Coaching Business Programme and here's what they said. The most useful tip and tool I gained from the programme was: Being aware of things to improve on Being aware of gap fillers and not using them Being self-aware of my presentation skills The importance of voice projection and eye contact Getting feedback in a positive way The key thing I got out of participating in the programme was: Looking around at each person in the audience and pausing to improve engagement How to give a more effective presentation to an audience Being more self-aware of what I'm doing and how I am coming across to the audience The difference of presenting to different audiences Be prepared before you present I would recommend this programme to others because: It gives you more experience giving speeches and presentations I would definitely recommend

iMA Team Seminar – G&T Catering

Excellent seminar - gained a greater understanding of other team members. Excellent - gained an understanding of each of the team members colours and how they might respond. Very informational and helpful the team understanding of each other. Learned how others might feel and respond so I can work more cohesively my team and be more understanding. I liked the breakdown of what happens under stress. My biggest takeaway was to take time to listen and delivery communication appropriately. I was able to take time to learn about each member of the team. I learned that all iMA colours make a team, and different colours for specific roles. Learned how iMA colours depict the way people are and so know not to take offence. I gained a better understanding of the people I work with. Understood more how to manage my reactions with other staff. Understanding others' communications styles will

Charlie Crummett – Speech Coaching Programme

I felt the Speech Coaching Programme was excellent and consisted of ways to make speeches more interactive. The programme gave me more confidence and found it really helpful. The programme took the myth and unknown aspects of giving speeches away with practical tips and suggestions and helped me become more interactive with my audience. I would highly recommend Debs for this programme to help you with your public speaking.

Julie Hassall – Fabric Fusion & Sycamore Sewing School – Business Coaching & Mentoring Programme

I thought the Business Coaching & Mentoring 12-Session Programme was excellent and scored it 10 / 10. It has been really beneficial to have your support Debs to coach and mentor my business ventures. Debs provided me with some great tools for planning my direction and workflow. Which has really helped me to have a clearer focus and manifest my goals What I found most interesting was the importance of networking, having coffees with the right people has really opened doors for me and provided opportunities that I dreamed of. Your personal introductions have fast tracked me towards the right people, thank you. What I liked the most was the flexibility was great you were able to pivot to which ever area I need coaching or mentoring in. The Business Coaching & Mentoring Coaching Programme made a difference in that it gave me support to confidently make the connections and


Testimonials / Feedback: This was an eye opener to what techniques are available to help presenting more natural for all involved Good to know the skill of creating and presenting a PowerPoint presentation in a way that comes to life I got loads more confidence and felt better to present afterwards and realised that just small things can make a big difference The way you present can make a massive difference to how the audience receives it Excellent seminar - thank you! 10 out of 10! The most useful strategy was: The mind map The content and description in a presentation is so important Less means more The doing, feedback, strategy and then the redoing The reason I would recommend the PRESENT Seminar to others is: It will help you improve and identify things you didn't know It will provide a massive improvement in a short time It was very

Effective Communication and Conflict Resolution Session – Building Unit – Waimakariri District Council

Excellent seminar thank you! Great subject matter; enthusiastic presenter; real life applications Well organised, thoughtful and challenging Simplicity of the iMA communication tool and concept in terms of understanding it and applying it in practice iMA is helpful and easy to understand Great depth of knowledge shared What I learned the most was not making assumptions The most usable strategy was understanding the difference between listening and hearing and how we deal or not with conflict

Ian Walford – Business Coaching & Mentoring Programme

I would give a 10 out of 10 for the business coaching & mentoring programme. This programme has given me more self confidence in myself and given me better skills at looking inward at myself and my strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes. The key points I took away having completed the programme were: Positive thinking Affirmations Working to your strengths The most interesting and useful strategy I gained was the affirmations. It was an effective positive method to quell the negative thoughts. I was impressed with Debs’ ability to read and clarify what I was saying and her ability to re-align the various parts of a conversation into positive perspectives and tasks. The programme made a difference to me in that it gave me the confidence to move to another job. It promoted self-reflection as to what is important to me and what I want in a career. I