Mark and Jayne Fall – Swift Mobile Locksmith

Overall assessment of the programme - insightful. Key Takeaways were CEO meetings, future plans, advertising plans, the way that we communicate with clients to name but a few! The most useful strategy – the creation of a pool of resources we have created e.g. advertising plan. The creative drawings were very useful to help us understand the full picture. Debs is a very good communicator; the programme was good timing. The programme made a difference to use personally i.e. helped us work better together The programme enabled us to give direction to our business Something in the programme for every business Mark and Jayne Fall Swift Mobile Locksmith

Margot Korhonen – Spruce Design & Marketing

Felt the business coaching & mentoring programme was excellent, very worthwhile. Key takeaways were time management, mindset, organisation skills, strategic thinking, productivity, planning Most interesting and useful strategies were time management because I truly didn’t think I could do any more with the time I had available to me What I like most was that Debs is so friendly, understanding, flexible and approachable. The programme made a difference to my personal and professional role in every way! 😊 Money, time, energy, positivity, productivity, outlook, passion and love! I would recommend the programme to everybody! I loved it! Working with Debs is wonderful! She’s engaging and open-hearted. She took the time to really understand my business and my restrictions (as a single mum). I now feel so confident and happy with not only work but my whole life! I highly recommend Debs to anyone in business or at a crossroads in

Zoe Barry – The Very Green Gardener

Debs has greatly improved my business in all areas- from managing staff, to interacting with clients; streamlining processes and deciding which aspects of the business require attention and which should be dropped entirely! I found her very supportive and easygoing when it came to what worked for me and my business. I couldn't recommend her highly enough.

Effective Communication and Conflict Resolution – Ironbridge

Debs is a great facilitator, everyone was engaged and learned a lot Debs is a great personable speaker with lots of experience, stories to illustrate points The seminar helped me to better understand communications and the role they play in conflicts Informative and engaging and fun! Informative, fun, engaging and great learning opportunity! My biggest takeaway was the ‘toolkit’ of strategies and practices for resolving conflict Very interesting and reinforced and validated current strategies as well as learning new strategies I learned about communication and how to deal with conflict; loved discussing it as a group; felt great to learn some new things I would recommend the seminar to anyone – it taught me that conflict is life and attending the seminar will give anyone the opportunity to learn new skills to deal with conflict I learned the benefits of giving apologies and whilst hard necessary in many cases to

Business Coaching & Mentoring – Melissa Gardiner

The business coaching and mentoring I received was really helpful in learning to look at my business in an effective way, that is, stepping back and seeing the business and my direction forward from a larger perspective. The biggest thing I got from the sessions was chargeable and non-chargeable hours; determining best service; obtaining ‘real’ figures; projection and planning; budgeting; setting goals and time management as well as the creative exercises which helped me ‘see’ how my business might or could look in the future. The creative exercises also helped me to determine direction and ability to create goals and plan figures, so visually I could see how the plan may or may not work. If someone is feeling a bit lost in their business or not sure what they’re up to, I’d definitely recommend Debs at Success Factor, as it was so helpful in gaining clarity and a larger

MainPower New Zealand Ltd – Speech Coaching Group – May 2018

Debs was supportive and encouraging and kept everything real. I appreciated her honesty and constructive feedback Debs is very passionate and comes across very well. Really enjoyed the programme I improved my self-awareness of use of fillers when speaking I can now focus on keeping communication simple and not get carried away with all the details I learned how to do delivery presentations more effectively I will use the tools I have learnt to improve communication at meetings and delivery presentations Mind mapping tool enabled me to better structure my speeches as well as reducing the need to use lots of notes It has given me more confidence to be able to talk in front of people I learnt people often don’t see your nerves; and having the confidence to talk in front of people I learnt how to be able to say the right things with passion confidence and

Developing Your Business Purpose Seminar – Grant Catchpole

Debs is a great communicator and makes you think about where your business is and where you want it to be then how to get there. Very professional and I thoroughly recommend going to one of her seminars

Business Coaching & Mentoring Programme – Alana & Chris Delury

Debs is one of those rare people who has a diverse knowledge and helped us professionally and personally take control and direction of our business and personal lives. I highly recommend anyone who is thinking about having Debs as a mentor. Thank you Debs

New Zealand Organisation for Quality – Mark Coburn

Canterbury Quality Day Risk-based thinking: The Communication pathway to risk-based thinking - giving communication the quality factor for today and tomorrow Workshop Thank you Debs for a wonderful key note presentation to our New Zealand Organisation for Quality day in Christchurch. It was a valuable start to the day and your presentation and activities on communication brought us all together and strengthened the day with your ideas and 'scene setting'. In the many years we have held Canterbury Quality Day this year saw far greater delegate participation and involvement than ever before. We were so privileged to share your knowledge. Thank you so much - we look forward to working with you again in the future.

Business Coaching & Mentoring Programme – Lorraine Taylor

I had the privilege to connect with Debs through regular coaching sessions in 2019. As a newcomer to the Canterbury area, I felt lost as to how to connect and engage with the community in which I would become an integral part of in the months ahead both personally and professionally. Debs' coaching style meant I was an active part of the process. She listens intently, is process oriented and motivates to move forward. Personal coaching is a necessity in a world that is moving through change. Debs is an excellent coach to get you to the next level.